Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I feel like I have been going round in circles lately....there is so much going on and I seem to be floating from one thing to the next...
My little Christmas project {tree skirt} is coming along....I was inspired by this tree skirt...

My hope is that the stitching is whimsical and may look a bit like swirling blowing snow....
not sure if I have achieved that look :)

I found the perfect HUGE polka dot for the binding {shhhh....I found it at Jo-Anns}...

It has a way to go, but I am happy with it so far....

Cutesy is fun!!!

I decided to try a Carpenter's Wheel block...the Carpenter's Wheel has lots of pieces and I thought the best way to tackle it was to use English Paper Piecing....

Well, I haven't gotten much more accomplished than this.  The block has a layer of white outside the star then a layer of blocks outlining the white and then white again.  I just wish I could do this one with paper foundation piecing....have any of you had experience with paper foundation piecing Carpenter's Wheel?  I would love to hear how you went about it.

It has been unbelievably hot this week....remember last week it was 49 degrees one day....well it has been over 90 for a couple of days...
This is what Flanders does when it is so hot outside...

Sweet Flanders :)


  1. Flanders kinda sums it up, doesn't he!! Too cute! Your Christmas village is going to be beautiful- well, it already is!!! And I am no help for the star! But look forward to seeing it!

  2. I do love your swirly snow. Looks great and so does that carpenter wheel. I have no idea how to help you with the paper foundation piecing but I know it will look amazing since it is you who is working on it! :)

    And poor Flanders. Stay cool buddy.

  3. It's so exciting to find something so wonderful at JoAnn's!! It makes it all the more fun because it's usually cheaper!

  4. You have definitely achieved "whimsical" with your wonderful tree skirt! I love it!!

  5. It's been super hot around here too... like, just stupid hot.

    I didn't realize when I saw your tree skirt the other day that it was a tree skirt. I really like it! I think you achieved a swirling snow effect nicely, and I love the way you stitched everything down. I am excited to see a Christmas project because I'm going to be doing a Christmas In July thing on my blog (if I don't get too distracted, of course) and so have been working on Christmas stuff of my own. :)

  6. That tree skirt is awesome! If I was Santa I'd have to snatch it up and hope you don't notice it's missing under all the presents!

  7. Such a fun tree skirt!! Tree skirts aren't so popular in Australia but I think they look so pretty, yours especially so!I love the Carpenters Wheel block, I'd like to do one one day, love the fabrics you're using. Flanders is such a sweetie.

  8. Hi Mary.
    Another beautiful piecing project!
    I've not tried that one..yet.

    Love that tree skirt so much, def looks like snow!

    Its crazy hot here today too, must have been a big ole sun spot!

    ps. I have some binding which may or may not work for the quilt, I'm just going to try it out..

  9. Great tree skirt...and lovely binging from JoAnn's. :)

    As the Carpenter's Square goes... I Love the look of the square. And so, I've made one. (You can see it here:
    If you want...)
    I did regular piecing, and since it has been accomplished during my early stages, it's a little bad.
    I think that EPP a Carpenter's block would be fun...I'm not sure I know what the paper foundation thing is...
    Sorry I can't be more help, but you've been at this longer than I have and your stuff is great!

  10. Love the tree skirt - it will be wonderful and yes it does look like snow, or wind perhaps! The carpenter's wheel sounds complicated - but it looks good what you've done so far why not keep going with English paper piecing?

  11. That is going to be one adorable tree skirt!!!

  12. That tree skirt is adorable. The quilting looks great. Up until lately, I have not done much with machine quilting--always take the quilts to someone else. But I have been fiddling with these quilted baby shoes and learning a little better the free motion quilting. I read somewhere that to not drop the feed dogs and slow down. Man, it has made all the difference!!