Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Award!!!! For Me???

Yes, it is true!!!  I have been awarded the Liebster Award and I was nominated for this honor by Monika :)  If you have not visited Monika's blog...hop over and check out her adorable work.  She is very talented...her quilts and pillows and little pouches are fantastic!
The Liebster Award is given to blogs with less than 300 followers and every award recipient then nominates 3 more award winners....sound like fun? 

So my first nomination must go to my friend Julie!!!!  Julie has become one heck of a quilter!  I met Julie as a student in one of my quilting classes...and before I knew it Julie was quilting everything in sight and started her own blog.....Go Julie!!!  Her blog is Being Me & Sippin' Tea... 

My second nomination......Trish from Notes of Sincerity....Trish and I have communicated via email and blog mail...she has such a happy blog!  Her projects are always fun to pop over and become a follower!

And my final nomination is Gemma from Roses and Gingham!  I just recently discovered her blog.  It is a feast for the eyes!  She is a very clever and crafty girl!

Thank you again Monika for the award!


  1. Thank you Mary. :o) You are such a sweetheart! I was thinking about you over the past several days. :o) I am half way done hand quilting my quilt. :o) I can hardly wait to bind, wash, and share it on my blog!!
    Have a great week!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. Thank you for the award Mary, I do blog more often (and personal) on my other blog Little Gem's World if you want to take a peek! Roses and Gingham is just where I sell my handmade goodies! I will do my best to get around to choosing 3 more people to pass it on to! xx

  3. yay! thanks so much, mary! you definitely deserve it with all your wonderful creations. :-) i think this is a lot of fun. i will be looking to award my three soon. also, funny thing... my husband and i used to live in germany when he was in the military. we lived very close to monika. i loved her blog and will have to send her a message.

  4. Thanks for the clarification on the blogs Gemma. I did see your Roses and Gingham blog with all the lovely items....I will now enjoy Little Gem's World! Best...mary

  5. You´re very welcome, Mary :)
    Now I go blog-hopping .... (and I have to find out where Julie lived...)