Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Love.....

It was this day 22 years ago that a very special little girl came into our lives....
we welcomed, our second daughter, sweet Maggie into the world....
Happy Birthday, Maggie!

I had three girls in about 3 1/2 was a lot of fun!  They are wonderful friends and have a lot of fun together.  I do miss the endless hours of Barbie! 
And for some quilty LOVE....
I want to share with you some pictures from our quilt class last night....
the quilts are simply amazing works in progress!
What a talented bunch!

 How adorable is this Penguin and Fish fabric!  Rita's quilt is on-point with lots of bright color and spots!!!

Jennifer is working on a wonderful log cabin!  Very sophisticated and perfect as a wall hanging for her home. 

Jenny is working on a bow-tie quilt....just fantastic....even a mini!!!

Next up....

Felisha's wonky log cabin!  No borders yet in this pic, but this is for a new big girl bed!
Isn't it sweet?

Peggy was working on her quilt when I took the picture, but you can see what a vibrant quilt this will be.  And to top it off she will be trimming it in a border of red corduroy!  How perfect is that?
It warms my heart that they have all decided to hand quilt their quilts - so in a couple of weeks I will bring you a new set of quilted pictures!

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Today is my son's birthday too! Very fun! Have a sweet day!

  2. Lovely quilts! I have a Maggie, too!

  3. Happy Birthday Maggie! Hope you have a great day!

    And beautiful work from your students!

  4. My son Carson turned 22 yesterday! The best Valentine's present ever :)

  5. It's so nice to see that they are all into hand quilting - it makes my heart sing. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Wish I was in your class Mary!

    Happy Valentines xx

  7. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to Maggie. Love the quilts in progress.

  8. Happy Birthday Maggie - what a pretty girl! Love your heart at the end of the post. Some talent in that class of yours!

  9. Happy Birthday Maggie! What a beauty! Your students produce wonderful work- thanks to a wonderful teacher! Happy Valentines Day Mary! x

  10. Happy birthday Maggie!! What a great day for a birthday. It's wonderful seeing all of those quilts, all so different and all wonderful!

  11. It's always so much fun to see the pictures you post. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  12. A happy birthday to your dear daughter!
    How much fun your ladies are having in class. Such fabulous quilts in the making! And you know me ... love the hand quilting! :o)
    love, Trish

  13. Happy Birthday Maggie and Happy Valentine's Mary!
    Cute projects you're all working on - I love the idea of the corduroy :)

  14. Lovely inspiration! Thanks for sharing such beautiful work. :)

  15. happy birthday to maggie! how fun to have a love filled birthday every single year! the whole world celebrates! i love all the quilts! what a talented bunch of ladies. and finally, i love that heart. it makes me happy looking at it. pinned!

  16. Happy Birthday to your daughter Maggie. I too had 3 daughters, though a bit further apart in age. And my youngest will be turning 23 in May. The quilts are so cute, looks like a great class.

  17. everything you make is wonderful/beautiful, mary, . . . quilts, daughters . . . whatever.

  18. What lovely quilts. The monkey one is adorable!

  19. Your daughtere is an absolute beauty!!! I have 1 daughter and love our days out together.
    Your quilts are so fun, love the heart.

  20. Very belated Happy Birthday to your daughter.....3 girls in 3 1/2 years - wow! I'm impressed, I bet you had a busy few years ;) I am 18 months younger than my sister, we are good friends now but it was a rocky relationship from about 5 - 17 years old. Bethx