Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Have I done????

Some time after I lost my pup, Flanders, I started thinking about having another dog. I missed the companionship and the joy a dog brings to the house. My daughters wanted a dog as well and scoured the shelters looking for the right dog.

Then we found him...OY! His name is Finley or Fin or, sometimes, What-the-heck-dog! 

He was so calm in the shelter....while all of the other dogs went bizerk as a visitor passed, he sat quietly....with those big brown eyes

It was all a ruse...he knew when he saw me coming down the hall, there is an easy target. It was just a matter of reeling me in and life would be golden!

Finley is a 2 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound. And full of energy! I would say a less than perfect match for a mid-fifties gal who likes to sit and stare at fabric and sew.

The good news is, I am walking at least an hour a day with him and my daughter is running with him everyday. He is charming. Really...he is so stinking cute at times. And he sleeps like a champ and no accidents in the house. It is just the boundless amount of energy he has. I am hoping a lot of this has to do with his age. So if any of you have experience with TWC or hounds in general I would love to hear positive suggestions. The vet already put the fear of God into me, which didn't make me very happy. I need positive suggestions...not scare tactics. He is a rescue...had a bad life before and is now having to learn rules. We are in this for the duration! LOL!

Also, that is why the blog has been so takes tons of work to get this boy to act like a domesticated animal...hehe...and after that I am pooped. So please forgive me for being absent.

I have managed to get a few things sewn....

A cute basket block for Carla - she had May in our Mid Century Modern Bee.

I have done a few baskets before and I love Gwen Marstons technique for making Improv Baskets! Full of whimsy!

May brought Spring Quilt Market! Quilt Market is a trade show and my sister and I attend to choose fabulous fabrics for Sunny Day Supply.
This year, I tried to be a bit more bold and meet a few folks behind the names I recognize.
I was thrilled....totally thrilled to meet Carolyn Forster! 

A while ago, I did a book review for Carolyn! I admire her work and I can tell she must be a wonderful teacher. Best of all, she is just super nice! A warm delightful person! I knew she would be after all the terrific things I heard about her from Nicky at Mrs. Sew and Sow.

Quilt Market was good and we will have some great new fabrics arriving this summer.

I also began working on a Jen Kingwell quilt from her new book Quilt Lovely. It is the Spring Fever quilt. I saw it in her booth at market. Loved it, of course! But then, I loved everything about her booth!

I purchased a bundle, the last bundle, of Tiger Lily at the Sample Spree (we have this collection coming to our shop). I thought so many of these prints are perfect for the butterflies and background sections of Spring Fever! And I love how beautifully it coordinates with the Lighthearted fabric from Ayumi! And, yes, we did get a restock of the Lighthearted fabric in the shop! Yay!
 For the top right block, I used nani Iro double gauze for the background.

I love that I can do a little machine piecing for this block and then finish up with some hand applique. It works well with my current schedule.

I have also been playing around with some hexies for a fun little swap! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me through transitions...whew! I know it will get better...the only way to go is up from here! LOL!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aren't new fur babies just a joy! A lot of work, but such fun. :) My family got me a Jack Russell Terrier for my 13th birthday and EVERYONE said she would be hyper/awful/crazy except one lady at the vet. We just made sure our little Belle got plenty of exercise and mental stimulation with toys and games. Fetch and learning new tricks was great for her sharp mind. She started slowing down a year or so ago, but after the puppy stage (the first few years) she did calm down some, though she still needed her exercise so everybody could stay happy! Hahaha

  2. Hi Mary! I'm so happy for you to have Finley now to charm your days! I have always had dogs and love them. After many mistakes I have learnt that with little goodies every dog enjoys the 'lessons'. If I ask my pups if they want to have school, they run happily to the door. I use 'Frolic' soft/dry dog food for goodies and they love this school-game. Also that kind of exercise gets them much more tired and satisfied than just walking. Running and walking is important but also something that the dog has to use his mind. One favourite game is 'search'. Dog is sitting or lieing and waits when you go to hide the 'treat' and then you tell him 'search' and he can run to find the treat, ball (Nero loves balls) or what ever he likes. There are now a days also lots of Special 'toys' that the dog needs to use his mind when playing. Good luck and have fun!
    I love the blocks you have here! Baskets are so cute and spools are still on my list. I think every quilter has to have a dog or two, other wise we wouldn't get up from the sewing chair at all! x Teje

    1. Teje! You are so right! I love that search game...we will do that. Since he uses his nose a lot this should be fun! And I love your thought that quilters should have dogs to get you up from the chair! Thank you so much for your suggestions! You made my day!

  3. Hello Finley. he does look very cute, I'm sorry I don't have any helpful advice. It's always lovely to see the beautiful projects your working on.

  4. Quilts are lovely, the dog is lovlier! Congratulations on you new family member!

  5. Your new dog is a cutie!! I hope he settles down for you a little bit :) Love your basket block!! The fabric is just adorable! I'm afraid my baskets aren't quite as cute, but I sure had fun making them!!! I am still struggling over fabric selection, especially for others.

  6. I guess Finley is an indoor dog. All the dogs we ever owned were outdoor ones so I'm no real help. I hope he grows out of his puppy ways and doesn't grow into a rebellious teenager.... Lovely sewing as usual!

  7. Finley sounds alot of fun best of luck training him. Personally I do not do dogs, seem to have developed a fear of them as I got older but he looks so lovely. Stitching is coming along well when he allows you some stitching time

  8. What an interest breed of dog. We had never heard of a dog like Fin - just read all about Treeing Walker Coonhound on Wikipedia - what a very interesting dog he is. He will be great fun - but it did say how they like exercise and that games and training are necessary. He is one lucky dog to come home with you.

  9. Not heard of that breed myself either! My rescue did that trick too lol for 2 wks he was so well behaved and then overnight he became mischief in fur! Think he assumed by then he wasn't going back to the shelter!! I got that book in the post only yesterday and it's delightful! Nice to your flutter-by blocks its a lovely pattern that!

  10. I do wonder sometimes if the dogs are actually training us - to give them treats and attention! Love all your stitching of course and so glad that two quilty people I admire so much have met up! You could always try a running machine - for Fin or give him something to carry when he goes walking - I've seen both of those used on a dog training tv programme.

  11. Finley's very, very handsome! Have you tried putting soft food inside a kong toy and then freezing it? You could give him it when you need some peace and quiet (or are going out) and it should keep him occupied for a while. Also, Archie likes to play 'find the biscuit' (very small pieces!) - I shut him in the kitchen and then hide bits of biscuit around the front room (just under the edge of the settee, under a piece of paper, etc.) and then let him in and tell him to find. Also handy is a food ball - put small (hard!) bits of food in (Archie likes uncooked pasta!) and watch as he rolls it round the floor to get the food inside. Do you think you'll, eventually, be able to walk him off-lead? If so, that will help with the boundless energy ;o)

  12. What a cute pup. Hounds are peppy. He looks like he is on a mission to keep you going. This may have some extra benefits-- more frolicking, more zip in your step too.
    And, you can bring some fabric along on your walks.... haha
    If you have a fence, that would be great.
    I think you made a great decision.
    Lovely fabric as always and beautiful project

  13. Hi Mary. He does look rather innocent. Puppies are such a lot of work. Even big puppies ; ) He will settle in.
    My block is so cute. Looking forward to the mail

  14. I love the picture of your puppy. Dogs add such fun and happiness to a home even though it comes with plenty of work too. And as always, your work is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. We have a rescue Beagle, and we love her. Fin is super cute, and you and your daughter are doing one of the best things for him...exercise. We watched The Dog Whisperer dvd's to get ideas, and he says Exercise, Discipline, and that order. Good luck. Fin must know he is very lucky!

  16. Love your pup! They do act differently at the pound. It just shuts some of them down to be in a place like that. When they get a home, their natural "dog joy" comes out. Thanks for adopting him! Love your blocks!

  17. Hello Mary it is Finley's brown eyes that melt you thank you for rescuing him we always have had dogs I am sure he will settle down once he knows your way of life my husband had major surgery and unable to work we went to the bush for recuperation where we stayed was a mini fox Jessie who just had four puppies yes when they were big enough we came home with two puppies they are a lot of work but the rewards are great kind regards lyn

  18. Knowing you, you'll have your pup trained in no time, but until then--you may have a toddler on your hands! Your basket block is lovely, as are your Kingwell blocks. Fun to have some projects to fill up the time in between your walks!


  19. Oh, he IS cute! That's why he is still alive, right?! LOL Our rescue dog, Ginger is now a service dog so don't give up hope!!!
    You know that I have a chewer living at my house now....sigh. But, I love him so!! Your basket is darling...and you are new fabrics sound so tempting!

  20. Well it will be great for your health in the long run😜

  21. Those brown eyes would steal anyone's heart. Congratulations on the new "baby." I didn't know you had a fabric shop! I always love your fabric choices, and I see that your prices are reasonable. I will be shopping there!