Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glad Tidings from Lands Far Away!!!

How truly blessed I am to have made so many lovely aquaintances through sewing and quilting...both friends I could just squeeze to pieces at the shoppe where I am fortunate enough to share my time....and friends I have only met through a shared passion in friends from across the pond and lands far away....

In the last week I have received two packages from two people I adore to my very core!
I posted earlier about my sweet gift from Suz....whom I share daily conversations about life as well as sewing.  Susan spoiled me with a sweet peg apron!  And as it turns out, I can actually use the peg apron as a cooking apron too!

Along with the apron were 3 ornaments....all now residing on my Christmas tree...
but this ornament is amazing!  The stitching is so tiny and perfect!

 Then later in the week, I received another package from the UK and the most talented Clare!

Clare and I decided in late summer to do a little swap.  We have exchanged emails and I was very smitten with her English Paper Piecing....I knew she was good but when I saw my swap from her - I was truly awestruck at her work.  Perfection!!!


I certainly feel like I owe her something else....her gift to me was special indeed!

This Rose and Star quilt is simply lovely and soooo me!  But the back is almost as good as the front....

Look at that embroidery!

If that was not enough - and it surely would have been - Clare tucked in a few other holiday treats ;)

This sweet gingerbread girl is nestled between the horse and the blowfish on my tree!!!

And this selection of vintage fabrics are waiting for just the right project....YAY!

the framed art was a drawing done by my dad while in high school - it is his Aunt's house in Ohio....

While this star swag is hanging in my kitchen....the place where I spend most of my time!

I just don't know what to say....I am not sure I deserve all of this...but I do appreciate Susan and Clare and their friendship is absolutely the most wonderful gift of all.

So you don't think I am just a Greedy Grinch....I did send packages to both as well....

Although, I think I got the better end of the deal....LOL!

For Susan I sent a small quilt with a special French themed fabric that I is a very petite bow tie quilt with aqua and red as the main colors....

I know I took pictures of the full quilt but at the moment I cannot find them on my computer...grrr.....but Susan has a lovely pop over there!

And for Clare I sent a pickle-dish....with lots of white for a fresh look...

The pickle-dish was paper foundation pieced....

And both quilts were hand quilted with size 8 perle cotton....

I am so glad both arrived safely to their destinations and each quilt has a happy new home!
Lots of love :)


  1. Looks like you are all happy! The perfect result! And quite frankly who wouldn't be with all these marvelous gifts!

    Christmas seems to be getting happier!

  2. i saw the quilt you sent to susan on her blog yesterday- she hadn't linked to you but i could immediately tell you made it!

  3. All three of you got lovely gifts. And I agree - the label is perfect and quite special. The quilts you made for them are beautiful!

  4. Oh Mary I definitely got the best deal!!
    I'm so glad to have your friendship and your fun inspiration.
    Merry Christmas!!

  5. Golly jeepers!! Those are some awesome gifts that have been flying around the world!! All of them are so amazing!! I'm curious,What the approximate dimensions? They look like such a great swapping size, big enough to have some fun with but not so big it would take a year to finish.

  6. such beautiful quilts!!! What amazing ladies you are!

  7. What beautiful gifts, I especially like the peg apron as it's such a useful idea. I saw your quilt over at Clare's blog, where she linked and mentioned you but I'd have recognised it as yours anyway! Beautiful quilt, and the one you received in return. Hope the final days to Christmas are going well. Beth/The Linen Catx

  8. Lovely your pickle dish!

  9. Wow - a super successful set of swaps! :)

  10. Oh my. Happy mail indeed. :o)
    Don't you just love making friends who are like minded, through blogging. :o)
    The gifts you received are precious, an extension of those who care for you.
    I hope you are having a nice weekend and if we don't talk beforehand ...
    Merry Christmas! Trish

  11. What absolutely wonderful gifts all the way around. :)

  12. What absolutely stunning gifts all around! Happy Holidays Mary! :)

  13. A whole lot of eye candy in this post Mary! And I did go check out Suz's photos of the quilt you sent her too. Lovely gifts for and from great friends - perfect for the season.

  14. a wonderful exchange! Molly very beautiful the quilt you made!

  15. Aw, you have some amazing friends who make equally amazing things just like you. I think everyone would be over the moon with the gifts you made.

  16. Clare's gift to you was amazing! (Looks like I'm making one on my own now! LOL!) And the Pickle Dish is SO beautiful! I love the soft colour choice!

  17. I love that photo of the little crocheted stars on a string! I want to make that!

  18. Your mailman has been so busy going back and forth from your house and across the ocean with some lovely pressies! Thanks for sharing all that talent!!

  19. Thank you for sharing these beauties with us

    ; )

    Just amazing gifts!

  20. great eye candy. Merry Christmas!

  21. What great swap makes - I love them all!

  22. WOW, everything looks so amazing!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  23. I really want to get mine out and get working on it. Yours is fantastic!

  24. Did you use a pattern for the Pickle Dish quilt? It is lovely!