Friday, March 11, 2016

Tiny Swan Hexagon!

Last year I had a tiny swap with Susi from Tiny
Toffee Designs. This was literally a tiny swap!!!

We swapped hexagons and other fun, little, things. Well, I put together the usual old hexies for Susi, but Susi pieced the most intricate hexies for me!!!

So when I had a request from Susi to take part in the blog hop for her new Dream Big hexie patterns....I didn't hesitate to say, YES!!!

The pattern includes a star, swan, elephant, pencil, heart, mountains, and flying geese!!!
I was given the swan, which was perfect! I know a swan loving little girl who would be thrilled with a pouch! This little girl is a ballet student, so the pouch is ideal for her hair bands, chapstick, etc.

Susi's pattern is so good!!! I increased the size of the hexie on my printer to 150% so it would fit nicely on a little pouch. 
I added vintage sequins, beads and crescent shape to give it a little sparkle. Of course, every swan needs a crown!

This fancy hexie pouch closes with a lace zipper and has a silky tassle pull. Perfect for a little ballerina! 
You can find these fabulous patterns here
and Susi's blog here . Thanks for letting me play along Susi!

Hope you have a Happy Hexie Weekend!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pincushion Remake!

Years ago, I posted a tutorial here for my Big Dresden Pincushion!

I have recently revamped this pincushion to make a new and improved Sunny Day Dresden Pincushion!!!

You can find the tutorial here!

If you use the tutorial to make your own pinnie...use the hashtag #sunnydaydresdenpinnie

have a great weekend!