Saturday, March 31, 2012

SLEEP Quilt.....

Last night we had our final SLEEP QUILT class.  The final class was all about making binding,  attaching the binding, and hand stitching the binding on the back for a nice finished look.  I use this method for binding....we all have our favorites and this is mine.

      The SLEEP QUILT is a great baby/toddler quilt measuring about 40 X 50.

I first came across this pattern in a quilting magazine, but the instructions and templates can also be found in The Proverbial Quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt....

The Proverbial Quilt Pattern Packaging   

Helen decided to hand quilt hers.....

She used several brightly colored perle cottons....and marked off squares with double sweet!

Amanda used a loopy quilting pattern and machine stitched her quilt....

I love the text fabric and the dark blue pieces in this one.....

Lyndi used her name instead of SLEEP to make this a great couch quilt!

They all chose such fantastic fabrics for the text and made the quilt extra scrappy by piecing the background as well.....

What a great class!!!

I did pick up my sewing machine and now have it at my mom's house so I can do a bit machine stitching. 
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Room With A View.....

photos from The Ohio State University -The James Cancer Hospital

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have managed another Rose and Star block!!!
Rose and Star is the best for bedside stitching :)

And I ordered a couple of books....
only one has arrived so far.  This is a 'new to me' book.  It is actually in it's second edition and not new at all.  A friend from the shoppe {Stephanie} brought it into the shoppe one day and I knew it was a book I needed for my quilt book collection.

I have a quilt that needs it's binding so hopefully soon I will have a bit more to show :)
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Spring day in your neck of the woods!
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not so long ago I was sent a selection of fabric swatches.....
how exciting!!!

This is Cosmic Burst by Mark Cesarik....for Freespirit.....

This line is full of saturated color and movement!  I can just imagine these fabrics in a New York Beauty or even strategically cut for English Paper Piecing!
Mark's Cosmic Burst will be available in April!  Woot!

A couple of weeks ago I finished a class at Sew To Speak....I love all the folks I am so fortunate to sew with...and this class was no exception.  They made me soooo happy when they all decided to hand quilt their quilts.
Just check these out!

I **heart** Jennifer's log cabin variation.....she is an amazing quilter!

Then we have Jenny!  With an adorable bow tie quilt....Jenny has been bitten by the quilting bug!!!  Yay!

I love the stitching around the sweet!

Felisha is a new quilter!  Never quilted before and had in mind a quilt for her daughter....
a wonky log cabin with lots of white to keep it fresh!

Felisha used lots of vintage fabrics, including vintage sheets!  I just love it!
Rita used some wonderful Penguin and Fish fabric as a jumping off point.....and then placed her blocks on point to create a fun little girl quilt!
The colors in this quilt are fantastic...and the violet polka dot setting triangles are perfect!
And Peggy did this fun Star and Diamond quilt in fabulous vibrant colors!
Peggy used red cordorouy for the borders!  So yummy! 
Then hand quilted with a wonderful bold red....
I am hoping things will settle a bit in my life and I can actually accomplish a few things....I thought I had a block {Rose and Star} all finished and ready to show....but **sniff, sniff** when I pulled it out this morning I realized I don't have it finished at all.  Oy! 
As Spring is springing here in Ohio....
I am ready for the blooms about to pop up for a show....
My sweet friend April gave me a couple of blossoms that will keep me thinking of Spring all year long...
And - this little birdie told me that the re-released line of Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt will be in the shoppe {Sew To Speak} very soon.....YAY!
Isn't this the best?  Thank you so much Susan {Patchwork N Play} - you have helped me more than you know :)
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

All You Need Is LOVE......

I have had so many emails expressing well wishes for my mom and family....thank you so much.  I appreciate your positive, prayerful thoughts.  Big Hugs.....

And after long, exhausting days - it lifts my spirits to find a package of love waiting for me when I get home....

Dear sweet can't imagine how much this helped me.  Truly....I can't even begin to explain.  
Not only that, but I popped the candies in my purse and one day while waiting for test results these candies kept me from starving. hee hee!

I never realized how sadness weighs so heavy on the heart.....but on this day it was lifted for a brief was welcome relief.....thank you Clare......

And Kris.....great fabrics just waiting for some stitching!  This certainly helped me to remember that there is another part of me just waiting in the wings.  Itching to stitch again and take some fun photos of Blocks With Socks!  Thank you, Kris! 

I have been stitching while sitting soon :)
And some wonderful photos from one of my classes - each and every one hand quilted!!!!
So stay tuned! 
Thanks for not forgetting me while I have been away....