Friday, June 26, 2015

Time for an Ark?

I feel for all the folks in California suffering from lack of rain...if there was a way for me to send you a bit of our weather, I would! We have had soooo much rain! Hardly a dry day and many days with drenching, soaking rains! 

You would think all this rain means lots of sewing time. But for me it just means I have to find creative ways to keep a dog busy! But I have had time to do a bit of sewing...

I have been working on a little fun swap....

And I have been playing with a few of the new fabrics we received in the shop....

 I love this Yuwa 50's Tape Measure print. Not only is the print fun with great pops of color, but the hand of this fabric is yummy! 

Also, we got a few of the new Suzy Ultman Message In A Bottle prints. Suzy is a local designer and I adore her whimsical designs.

Again...I felt the need to just pattern just a little improvisational stitching!

Plushow fun are these Jelly Clips!

It seems so appropriate to be working with nautical prints given our wet weather! 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time for Some Hand Stitching....

Life gets so busy at times and summer time always seems to be one of the busiest...
with sewing happening in just small bursts, it seems quite logical that hand stitching is my choice in busy times. 

I don't have a dedicated sewing space....still sew in the kitchen. So it is a chore to pull out or search out the fabrics I want. And now that we have a four legged eating machine....all of my fabrics are hidden in plastic containers that serve as a deterrent to jumping on the living room furniture! 

 Spring Fever by Jen Kingwell, has really tugged at my heart strings. I have completed about 4 butterfly blocks (8 more to go), but I decided to work on a couple of the flower basket blocks.

Nice easy shapes...

A fun busy summer time project...
The fabulous string art spool is from my dear friend Rachel at Family Ever After! The string art was made by Samantha at Strings By Samantha! Isn't is great?

I also decided to join in on the Sweetly Stitched Sew Along....It is a Sew Along organized by @ohhowsweetco and @sameliasmum on IG. The sew along is devoted to Amy Sinibaldi's book Sweetly Stitched Handmades.
     For the first round I made the Mouse House Doll Quilt...

It was a fun and fast make! I hand quilted it with Valdani Perle Cotton and used wool batting and nani Iro double gauze for the backing. Yummy!

This was gifted to the sweet little girl who lives next door to me.

Behind the house doors are fabrics with pictures....Amy's uses mouse fabrics. I used dogs, cats, etc.

If you haven't tried double gauze as a need to give it a shot. It is amazing and amazing to hand quilt. I love the double gauze paired with wool batting.

Now to choose a project for the next round! Yay!
Happy Thursday!