Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Almost Finished and Dreamin' of the Next One....

I spent all day piecing teeny weeny steps!

But it is almost finished!

I have been thinking about making a wedding quilt, but after I saw this fabric in the shoppe....I decided I had to make a wedding has bees!!!

Isn't it fabulous?
I just wanted to share a bit of my garden....just outside my sewing room kitchen!


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tiny {Piecing}

I have a sneak peek of a project...
a tiny peek...of some tiny piecing....

shoes for Molly - a great buy from Anthropologie!!!
I am using foundation paper {Golden Threads} for this one.....

new stationery for me!!!

Each strip is a finished 3/8ths inch!!!!

Courthouse steps pattern!

Similar to this....

and this....

but a different look with more than just two colors....

just something little that I am working on...
What are you working on?  Something little or something big?

Before I let you get back to your project.....I want to share with you something that put a big smile on my face :)

Jennifer from Jennifer Under the Juniper Tree sent to me a link for a summer project she finished using my Even Easier Arrow tip....
Isn't it great!!!!

Yay!  Jennifer! 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simple Reverse Applique....

I am feeling pretty good about reaching a couple of goals this was to finish the Big Zig and the other was to finish my reverse applique pillow...
Yippy Skippy!

A heart is a very simple shape for reverse applique, but I think the one I began with many years ago when I was learning.
To this one I have added some embroidery to embellish....don't you love this Alexander Henry print?? 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Zig!!!

It is quilted and the binding has been stitched! 
I am calling this one the Big Zig!
I have done a couple of other Zig Zag Quilts over the past several years...
here, here, and here

Here are the details...
The colors I chose for the Big Zig are: Snow for the solid areas, aqua/blue, grey, and orange.
I have used about 30 different fabrics.

Each half square triangle is about 5.5 inches square.
There are 100 half square triangles.

The overall size is about 56 inches X 56 inches.
It is hand quilted with perle cotton {Valdani} - in red/orange, grey, orange.
100% cotton Batting.
The back is an aqua tiny gingham.

The binding is Flea Market Fancy.
Hand stitched on the back.

Yay!  One more to check off my list!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lark Revisited.....

Over the last several months I have had several people ask me about the Lark Quilt I made back in October of 2011.  Of course, when Amy Butler released this line I knew I had to make something a bit on the Bohemian side and fantastic!  It is definitely Bohemian.

The basic instructions for making the large diamonds....
are the same as the Pyramid Quilt....
In the Lark Quilt, I simply stitched 4 strips of my equilateral triangle units together to form the diamond.  And each strip is composed of 4 equilateral triangle units.

The large diamond blocks were arranged and sewn together on the diagonal...the sides of the quilt are half diamond blocks....

Perhaps you can tell in this point of the quilt construction I had not yet trimmed the side blocks....I knew just about how large they needed to be so I pieced a partial block and trimmed it later.

The setting triangles at the top and bottom of the quilt were cut from a single piece of fabric.  I used my large diamond block as a template for the setting triangles. 

I added some pick stitching and these whimsical dangles on the top and bottom borders...

The back is a collection of my Amy Butler stash!  I love the back!

So that's it!  I hope if you are interested in playing around with equilateral triangles - this helps!

I wanted to share with you this Single Girl Quilt made by my dear friend Jennifer...

This is one big quilt and she is hand quilting it with perle cotton....
Jennifer even added the hand prints of her nephews...quilted in the circles!

It is lovely Jennifer!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Details Coming....

It has been a busy week...but I just finished the quilting and now on to the binding....

Quilted with size 8 Valdani Perle Cotton....

I use Fons and Porter Utility Needles....

More details later....this one is called the Big Zig!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 11, 2012

merry monday.....

It is a grey, rainy day here....okay with me
I can think of several alliterations that fit this day...monday...June 11
monday melancholy, monday memories...
time is measured so differently now. I am going to call this merry monday!  Forget the rain
forget the grey
it is a great day for stitching...

my most recent makes are for potential classes...
A little very simple reverse applique pillow.  Just to get the taste for reverse applique and a little embroidery to boot!

And then a fun, fresh quilt....hand quilted .....

I think it will be known as the Big Zig....

This is one I have been planning on as a class, but life got too busy....

Stitching zigs and zags with perle cotton...

I will be sitting here today...stitching away!
Merry Monday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Still Working....

will share a couple of projects soon....
Happy Friday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working Wednesday....

We have had a few computer problems here....grrr!
But it gave me time to do a little cutting and stitching....

actually lots of cutting, stitching and pressing....

And on Monday we finished a I am excited to be able to share more fantastic finishes with you!!!

Susan made a GIANT coin quilt!  It is just marvelous!  I love the dark chocolate brown with those pops of teal and red!  And check out her pick stitching....

Susan used a variegated thread for the straight line quilting...I love the texture the variegated thread adds :)

And then we have Helen's baby quilt!  Helen is expecting her second little girl very soon....this is a perfect girly girl quilt....

Helen machine quilted with organic straight line stitching.  She always chooses such fantastic fabrics!

So sweet!
And speaking of sweet....Katie made a baby quilt as well :)  Katie will be welcoming her first baby girl VERY, VERY soon!

This is such a fresh, lovely quilt....perfectly suited for the new baby!

I love the fabrics in this quilt!  And she positioned the borders so the top and bottom border a scallop effect!


What a great class this was!  Three mom's-to-be and an OB nurse!  LOL!  They were a fun group.  Best of luck to each with their new little ones :)
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sharing the Love....

I love being able to share quilts made at our Sew To Speak classes....and these recent completions are no exception!!!

Emily made a fabulous Single Girl!  Very fresh and perfectly pieced!  And I do believe this was Emily's first quilt :)

Then we have Jenny, also with Single Girl in a dark charcoal background!  I love it!  Jenny is very good at choosing colors and fabrics that work so well together.  

Not to mention every quilt she makes reflects her own style.  And I just adore Jenny!

And finally, a baby coin quilt from Sheetal!  Simply FABULOUS!!!!

What a lucky baby to have this quilt to welcome him or her!!!

Sorry this one is a bit blurry...I think I was so thrilled with how it turned out I couldn't keep the camera steady!!! 

Happy Sunday!