Monday, June 11, 2012

merry monday.....

It is a grey, rainy day here....okay with me
I can think of several alliterations that fit this day...monday...June 11
monday melancholy, monday memories...
time is measured so differently now. I am going to call this merry monday!  Forget the rain
forget the grey
it is a great day for stitching...

my most recent makes are for potential classes...
A little very simple reverse applique pillow.  Just to get the taste for reverse applique and a little embroidery to boot!

And then a fun, fresh quilt....hand quilted .....

I think it will be known as the Big Zig....

This is one I have been planning on as a class, but life got too busy....

Stitching zigs and zags with perle cotton...

I will be sitting here today...stitching away!
Merry Monday!


  1. So fun and happy. I really need to try big stitch quilting. What size perle cotton do you use? What about needles?

  2. happy monday mary.
    stitch away...

  3. Oh my Goodness. Teal/grey/orange LOVE
    Your heart is absolutely stunning too

  4. ooh liking the fun fresh quilt!!
    its a moist monday here.

  5. ps. now you're making want to hand stitch the orange on my flowering snowball!!!

  6. lovely Mary ... What I love about your quilting is it's not just about the colourful quilting, it's about the space and pause for breath between them ...

    moist and grey here ... weather not so great either ... arf arf !!

  7. Mary, I want to take both of these classes if and when they are offered! I love them!

  8. I'm thinking it's Mary Monday!

    Another cute project or two! The cushion reminds me of an embroidered blouse I had from the Czech Republic - same sort of motifs in the print and pretty coloured stitches!

  9. oh, i love that reverse applique heart with the wonderful handstitching! love. it. seriously, i am signing up for a class sooner than later!

  10. Happy Monday from a very wet and grey London. The reverse applique heart is beautiful!

  11. That heart is amazing!! What a beautiful piece of fabric, made all the more lovely with your stitching! Sarah is so right about the resting space in between you stitching! I also need a lesson in reverse applique! The Big Zig is looking great too! Merry Monday Mary!

  12. Such a sweet and happy heart!! Enjoy your stitching!!

  13. Seriously ready for the Big Zig class! I heard a whispering about it a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since! Love that heart as well, very anthro (but better!) ;D

  14. Olá,!Adorei o seu blog e quero te convidar a conhecer o meu.
    te aguardo...

  15. I am so glad that not all zig zags have become chevrons in the quilting world. Yours are looking wonderful, as is that heart.

  16. These are beautiful! I really must learn to hand quilt this summer! :-)

  17. Oh, Mary - i love radiant colours like this :)
    Very sympathic, folk birds, btw.

  18. still my heart!!! I heart your heart! Hearts are a good thing! Heart of my heart!

    Your stitching is so FAB!!!

  19. i love your big zig! and that reverse applique pillow... lovely!

  20. Finally made it to your blog, Mary! I am LOVING that Big Zig and hope to see a full version at some point! Wish I was still going to be around to take more of your classes!!!

  21. The reverse appliqué is absolutely beautiful! I love your hand stitching it's aiways so perfect.