Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lark Revisited.....

Over the last several months I have had several people ask me about the Lark Quilt I made back in October of 2011.  Of course, when Amy Butler released this line I knew I had to make something a bit on the Bohemian side and fantastic!  It is definitely Bohemian.

The basic instructions for making the large diamonds....
are the same as the Pyramid Quilt....
In the Lark Quilt, I simply stitched 4 strips of my equilateral triangle units together to form the diamond.  And each strip is composed of 4 equilateral triangle units.

The large diamond blocks were arranged and sewn together on the diagonal...the sides of the quilt are half diamond blocks....

Perhaps you can tell in this point of the quilt construction I had not yet trimmed the side blocks....I knew just about how large they needed to be so I pieced a partial block and trimmed it later.

The setting triangles at the top and bottom of the quilt were cut from a single piece of fabric.  I used my large diamond block as a template for the setting triangles. 

I added some pick stitching and these whimsical dangles on the top and bottom borders...

The back is a collection of my Amy Butler stash!  I love the back!

So that's it!  I hope if you are interested in playing around with equilateral triangles - this helps!

I wanted to share with you this Single Girl Quilt made by my dear friend Jennifer...

This is one big quilt and she is hand quilting it with perle cotton....
Jennifer even added the hand prints of her nephews...quilted in the circles!

It is lovely Jennifer!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I love your triangles, just perfect! I live in fear of said triangles, having once tried making a zig zag quilt top that didn't go to plan!

  2. It's great to see your lark quilt again. I hadn't seen the backing and agree that it's fabulous!! Thanks for sharing the single girl quilt, love those little handprints.

  3. I agree with Rachael - it is great to see this lovely again! The design complements the Lark so perfectly. And the back is gorgeous too! Single Girl is going to be great with its hand quilted hand prints.

  4. Oh that is lovely to see it again! Great idea to have those cute handprints on a quilt!

  5. I definitely have a triangle quilt in my future, especially as I'm doing more machining now.

    Love those quilted hands!!

  6. Wow fabulous quilt. Do you hand quilt all your quilts?

  7. Awesom quilts, I love the Lark triangles, it gives such great eye movement. Great job by Jennifer, love the handprints! My DD did that on one of her kids quilts and it makes it very special.

  8. Are the dangles in the dish attached to the quilt? How did you attach them? They are really cute so I am curious to see! Love this quilt, Mary!

  9. Ok, This is a really, really small world! I was at Sew to Speak on Friday and looked at this quilt draped over a chair, and Loved the little dangles and noted the idea to add to a future project!!