Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working Wednesday....

We have had a few computer problems here....grrr!
But it gave me time to do a little cutting and stitching....

actually lots of cutting, stitching and pressing....

And on Monday we finished a I am excited to be able to share more fantastic finishes with you!!!

Susan made a GIANT coin quilt!  It is just marvelous!  I love the dark chocolate brown with those pops of teal and red!  And check out her pick stitching....

Susan used a variegated thread for the straight line quilting...I love the texture the variegated thread adds :)

And then we have Helen's baby quilt!  Helen is expecting her second little girl very soon....this is a perfect girly girl quilt....

Helen machine quilted with organic straight line stitching.  She always chooses such fantastic fabrics!

So sweet!
And speaking of sweet....Katie made a baby quilt as well :)  Katie will be welcoming her first baby girl VERY, VERY soon!

This is such a fresh, lovely quilt....perfectly suited for the new baby!

I love the fabrics in this quilt!  And she positioned the borders so the top and bottom border a scallop effect!


What a great class this was!  Three mom's-to-be and an OB nurse!  LOL!  They were a fun group.  Best of luck to each with their new little ones :)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. These quilts are beautiful! Lucky new babies!

  2. with three that were pregnant and an ob nurse, i bet there was a lot of labor talk! that is always so fun! what pretty quilts from everyone. i love the chocolate brown sashing, so beautiful. i always love the idea and look of white sashing but when i see other colors i always love them more. funny... still wish i could take a class from you! someday! ;)

  3. Beautiful stitches!
    Can you come across the pond and teach me please, I'm having one of those days!

  4. Beautiful coin quilts! Love the layout of narrow coins with wider bars. And the quilting is very pretty...

  5. Lovely collection of Coin Quilts, even better that they are for babies expected soon. Love the idea Helen used of interspersing the coin columns with a flowered fabric. Beautiful!

  6. Is that what happens when someone joins your class then Mary?

    Good luck little babies - what lovely quilts to welcome you into the world!

  7. If thats what happens when you teach a class maybe I'm safer here!! Hee hee!! Lovely quilts all ready to welcome new babies! What a wonderful atmosphere that must have been on that last lesson... So much love in the quilts too!

  8. All very beautiful - just love that largish floral, so great to pull in coordinating colours!
    Hugs - Lurline

  9. Look at all those beautiful quilts!! Wonderful Wednesday!!

  10. wow!! my first time to stop all the work that your share! the quilts are beautiful! i am still new in the quilting side of things,only a year now,still see myself as a serious beginner!

  11. These are such beautiful quilts.

    Amanda Rose

  12. What gorgeous quilts! You are such a great teacher Mary. That chocolate brown one stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful!

  13. This last patchwork - what the colours... beautiful!
    But all But all I like them :)
    BTW - I thank for the incentive - these are my first shells:

  14. So much talent in one post!! :o) I love the first quilt especially. :o)