Thursday, May 25, 2017

Oh, Where Have You Been Mary Girl, Mary Girl....

Wow! I just looked at my last post here! Yikes!!!
I am so was last November.
When I posted in August, I mentioned my MIL came to live with us. She was very ill.
I didn't explain the illness, but now I feel like I can finally talk about it a bit.
In April of 2016, she suddenly became very ill with sepsis. I mean seriously ill!!! I have never seen someone so sick, so fast. We had just seen her a few days before! She lived just 5 minutes husband took her to the grocery every week....I took her to all of her doctors appointments...she had just been with us to celebrate my daughter's birthday!
We were with her all the time!
I was not familiar with sepsis. But now I feel like I need to warn everyone. If you think you have an infection....GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!
Once the infection gets into your bloodstream, it takes over so quickly. You become ill soooo quickly!
She was never the same after the infection. Her baseline (dementia)changed, she could not walk on her own (she was a high fall risk),  other conditions changed (blood pressure, blood sugar control. Everything changed.

Because I was the one person home with her...the bulk of the care fell on my shoulders during the day. That was difficult...tiring. But the nights were horrific! She had sundowners. She never slept.

All night long we would hear her getting out of bed to get her walker....she paced the hall. Out of bed, down the hall, to the bathroom, turn around, back to her room, out of bed, down the hall, to the bathroom, turn went on and on all night long.

Sadly, at the end of September, she died. It was heartbreaking. We spent the bulk of 2016 caring for her and then cleaning her house to sell. That was a huge job as well! 

It is a struggle to carry on with life as usual when you are caring for someone so ill...your normal routine is completely disrupted. But I tried to keep sewing and I had the shop to run. Thank goodness for my sister, the other half of Sunny Day!!! 

To "pretty-up" this sad post...I would like to share one of my favorite finishes of 2016. It's the quilt made from the January Block which can be found on Lady Harvatine's site.

mary xx