Sunday, February 22, 2015

Home Bound....

In my little corner of the world, it feels like we have been transported to the Ice Age...
we have had sub-zero temperatures and inches upon inches of snow...
So between shoveling and shivering, I have been sewing...

Any make from Ayumi Takahashi's book, Patchwork Please! is bound to brighten up a winter morning! 

I spent a couple of hours yesterday, putting together this precious apron...

I used lots of fun Yuwa fabrics and skirt part of the apron is kona snow.

A quick and happy make!

Now I think I will go bake some cookies!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Patchwork Cozy....

Last year I was asked to contribute a couple of projects to the new Mollie Makes Patchwork book...
I was thrilled to be asked to contribute and, once I jumped into the project, I thoroughly loved the process of creating and writing!
One of my projects is a Dresden Tea Cozy. 
This weekend I couldn't wait to work with some of the new fabrics that I decided to switch up the tea cozy a bit and make it a Hexie Tea Cozy!

Fussy cutting Ayumi's new line of fabric for Kokka was so much fun!
Oh, how I LOVE this fabric! It's called Lighthearted and it makes me lightheaded when I work with a good way, of course! hehe! Can you tell I am kind of smitten with it?

I chose a Yuwa Honeycomb dot for the background....the fabrics work so nicely together...

Following the same instructions for the Dresden Cozy....I quicky stitched up a Hexie Cozy!  How perfect would this be for a house warming gift or a bridal shower gift?  Or maybe for a bloggy friend?

Speaking of bloggy friends...
I received a lovely red and aqua felted heart swag from someone very near and dear to me....

Thank you so much, Susan!  I 'heart' you!!!  I can't imagine being able to felt those shapes so perfectly!  Crazy talented that girl!  

  Hope you had a very special Valentine's Day!
xo mary

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Day!

Here is an easy, quick make to add to your Valentine gifting...

Felt Heart Tag

It's so easy!  Cut a heart shape from wool felt....I used pinking shears to give my heart a little more flair!

Decorate hearts with LOVE {of course}, or XO, or even little diamond shapes...

Make letter templates on freezer paper, cut out and press onto wool felt.  If your felt is 100% wool the freezer paper will stick (temporarily) and the felt won't melt.  If your felt is a blend be careful when adding heat.  We don't want any melted hearts!

After cutting out the careful, they are tiny!  Baste them with Glue Baste-It, or pin them in place and stitch using a matching thread.

 You need another heart for the doesn't need to be cut with pinking shears.  A little piece of ribbon for the hang tag is pinned in place and stitch around the edge of the heart with perle cotton (Valdani!!!) Be sure to leave an opening for stuffing!
Stuff and close up!

And you have a very special tag to add to a plate of cookies or a bottle of wine!

  Happy Valentine's Day!
xo mary

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Place For Everything....

Just a quick stitch today! An adorable soft nursery container...a couple of seams, a lining and a gusset.  It doesn't get much more easy or much more cute! 

A great idea for a baby shower gift! Useful and adorable! 
Happy Tuesday