Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Patchwork Cozy....

Last year I was asked to contribute a couple of projects to the new Mollie Makes Patchwork book...
I was thrilled to be asked to contribute and, once I jumped into the project, I thoroughly loved the process of creating and writing!
One of my projects is a Dresden Tea Cozy. 
This weekend I couldn't wait to work with some of the new fabrics that I decided to switch up the tea cozy a bit and make it a Hexie Tea Cozy!

Fussy cutting Ayumi's new line of fabric for Kokka was so much fun!
Oh, how I LOVE this fabric! It's called Lighthearted and it makes me lightheaded when I work with a good way, of course! hehe! Can you tell I am kind of smitten with it?

I chose a Yuwa Honeycomb dot for the background....the fabrics work so nicely together...

Following the same instructions for the Dresden Cozy....I quicky stitched up a Hexie Cozy!  How perfect would this be for a house warming gift or a bridal shower gift?  Or maybe for a bloggy friend?

Speaking of bloggy friends...
I received a lovely red and aqua felted heart swag from someone very near and dear to me....

Thank you so much, Susan!  I 'heart' you!!!  I can't imagine being able to felt those shapes so perfectly!  Crazy talented that girl!  

  Hope you had a very special Valentine's Day!
xo mary


  1. Congratulations on the book feature-very cool!!
    I love those fabrics too , and your tea cosy : )

  2. A lovely tea cozy. I'm a tea drinker but have never made one. Do they really help keep the tea warm?

  3. Oh oh . . . congrats on being a part of the book. It looks fun.

  4. Happy for you to be included in that book. What an honor! And glad for you to be the the recipient of Susan's talent. She's another gifted sewist, just like you.

  5. Congratulations Mary for being a part of such a wonderful book! You have such an eye for fabrics and pattern. Everything you make is simply lovely. That Susan is another talented lady. Such a sweet gift she made you.

  6. Oh! I haven't seen that book. I will have to look out for it.
    Ayumi's fabric is very cute. I can see how it told you to fussy cut hexies out of it!

  7. What a wonderful tea cozy! I hope it keeps your teapot cozy, while the tea keeps you cozy! I 'heart' you too, sweet Mary!

  8. That cosy just makes you want to make pots of tea! It's so lovely! That fabric is so made for fussy cutting!!
    Suz's heart felt bunting is so cute too. I love how she's been making felt things.

  9. Oops nearly forgot to say - Congratulations on being part of the Molly Makes book!!

  10. Such a cute post! You and Suz are both so talented...congrats on being part of the book. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

  11. Oh yeah, love the tea cosy and congrats on the book inclusion! I'm in love with Susans hearts!