Friday, June 26, 2015

Time for an Ark?

I feel for all the folks in California suffering from lack of rain...if there was a way for me to send you a bit of our weather, I would! We have had soooo much rain! Hardly a dry day and many days with drenching, soaking rains! 

You would think all this rain means lots of sewing time. But for me it just means I have to find creative ways to keep a dog busy! But I have had time to do a bit of sewing...

I have been working on a little fun swap....

And I have been playing with a few of the new fabrics we received in the shop....

 I love this Yuwa 50's Tape Measure print. Not only is the print fun with great pops of color, but the hand of this fabric is yummy! 

Also, we got a few of the new Suzy Ultman Message In A Bottle prints. Suzy is a local designer and I adore her whimsical designs.

Again...I felt the need to just pattern just a little improvisational stitching!

Plushow fun are these Jelly Clips!

It seems so appropriate to be working with nautical prints given our wet weather! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fun projects with such cute prints

  2. Very fun! Every photo is just so enticing!

  3. It's the same here. And raining as I speak ( type :)

  4. What a great 'party' photo. Looks like you are making the best if the wet weather. I do hope it dries up and gets wet in Cakifornia.

  5. Love how the tape measure comes in and out of the pieces in your star block. Really gives the block a lot of visual activity and interest.