Saturday, August 1, 2015

Whoa, July!

Well July showed me who was boss! 
We had tons of walking the dog was a real treat!

We had a wedding in the family! My niece, Katie, was married! 


It was a beautiful wedding! We love weddings!
The rehearsal dinner was held in an Aviation Museum...very fun for the pilot-husbands!

    Between weddings and dogs...I have been stitching away on my Spring Fever Quilt...

 And I managed a little swap with Susi from Germany! 

Here is what I sent Susi!

 I wish I could say I have been traveling and having a great time, but we have a grandma to take to the grocery and doctors its a bit difficult to go away for very long.

That's okay...I enjoy all the vacation photos posted on IG! I am keeping a list of all the places I want to visit :) hehe!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


  1. What a fantastic pup! Your Spring Fever blocks are really nice.

  2. You are so sweet Mary!!! xoxoxo

  3. You sound like you definitely need a vacation Mary! Love what you sent Susi. What did you receive in return?

  4. Oh, look at that little guy who is shielding his eyes from The Kiss. What a riot! Sounds like you're having a good summer, even though you're not getting away. Hope you can get your puppy dog out for more walks this month :)

  5. Lovely bride and great wedding photos! Looks like y'all had gorgeous weather for the big day. Cute puppy picture and love your stitching photos of course.