Saturday, March 31, 2012

SLEEP Quilt.....

Last night we had our final SLEEP QUILT class.  The final class was all about making binding,  attaching the binding, and hand stitching the binding on the back for a nice finished look.  I use this method for binding....we all have our favorites and this is mine.

      The SLEEP QUILT is a great baby/toddler quilt measuring about 40 X 50.

I first came across this pattern in a quilting magazine, but the instructions and templates can also be found in The Proverbial Quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt....

The Proverbial Quilt Pattern Packaging   

Helen decided to hand quilt hers.....

She used several brightly colored perle cottons....and marked off squares with double sweet!

Amanda used a loopy quilting pattern and machine stitched her quilt....

I love the text fabric and the dark blue pieces in this one.....

Lyndi used her name instead of SLEEP to make this a great couch quilt!

They all chose such fantastic fabrics for the text and made the quilt extra scrappy by piecing the background as well.....

What a great class!!!

I did pick up my sewing machine and now have it at my mom's house so I can do a bit machine stitching. 
Happy Saturday!


  1. Love this pattern...I have done one so I loved seeing all the versions!

  2. These quilts are exceptional! I looked at your favorite binding method and am so excited to see something I've never seen before. I love the pocket where you tuck in the end of your binding. From now on, i'm going to do this. Thanks! Deb.

  3. These quilts are just fantastic. I have been wanting to make a Proverbial quilt for the longest time. It just seems so time-consuming, but making it on a smaller scale like these quilts is a great option.

  4. These are lovely! I like the assortment of neutral colors, they are all so soothing and warm. I looked at the binding technique and I think I'll have to try it! It seems like a no fail way to go and much better than my "eye ball" it method!, now I want to heck out that book. I wish I lived close enough to take your class! Those lucky students....

  5. Lovely quilts - you have great students Mary! Next binding I am going to do I will go French! Ooh la la indeed!

  6. You will be very proud of your students lovely quilts! Enjoy some must feel good to get back to it. Hugs and prayers, Sx

  7. This class was so fun! I'm finishing the binding tonight! Thanks so much Mary!!!

  8. I am so sorry I couldn't take this class! The quilts are great!! Maybe next time?? :)

  9. wow! what amazing quilts! very talented group of ladies!