Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two Great Reasons to LOVE Sarah Fielke and Material Obsession 2...

Have you heard I really admire Sarah Fielke????  Well, now you can see for yourself what all the hub-bub is about.  If you visit her blog, The Last Piece, you can take a look-see at her new line of fabrics - From Little Things.  And if that is not can leave a comment about her blog and fabric on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog...leave her a message that you mentioned her and you have a chance to win a bundle of fat quarters!!!!  What could be better!
   And now the second reason to adore these folks who put together such amazing quilt books....
I have been working on the Stashbuster, Material Obsession 2, every free minute...neglecting my children, dog, house and feed my need to complete this quilt.
While I am not finished, I am getting there.  All the blocks are complete, and let me say that Kaleido-Ruler is fantastic, so here is a sneak peek....
And when everything fits together nicely, you get this lovely swirl on the still my heart!
Placed on the floor....not the final placement...but just to get a look at the beauty....ahhh!


  1. I love this! I really like the little bits of black mixed with the bright colors. It's really stunning. I have not seen the book yet, looks like a keeper!

  2. Wow, that looks great!

  3. I just found your blog from your photo posted on Flickr, and had to comment on the coinciidence - I have been dreaming of kaleidoscope quilts lately and I am impatiently waiting for my Marti Michell kaleidoruler to arrive in the mail. I would be interested to hear how you found working with it. Your blocks are gorgeous - it's going to be a spectacular quilt!

  4. Hi Lesly, I love the ruler!Great instructions included as well...I will definitely purchase other rulers from her! Good luck with your quilt!

  5. This looks stunning already. I adore this book too! I like that you have used different scale dotty prints, I was reluctant to try this pattern because I didn't want to buy a load of new spotty prints to get matching ones like the one in the book. I might jump right in now!

  6. This is FANTASTIC! Everyone you're ignoring will forgive you when they get to use this quilt! Love your colors.

  7. Looks fantastic , I am now compelled to take that book down from the shelf again .