Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has been rainy and gloomy here....
so pictures are difficult...
I have been working on a little hand quilting.  Another sample for the shoppe.  A new pattern by Such Designs

And I have also been able to work on a sweet little tutorial I pinned on Pinterest
This Toadstool Pincushion was posted on The Little House by the Sea.
I thought it would make a nice little gift...for Christmas or for birthdays....

It is a great tutorial....give it a try!

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to post another installment of my pyramid quilt....
it is coming along.  We just don't have good light {or any light} for taking proper pictures.

Happy Monday! 


  1. What a sweet little mushroom/toadstool! And loving that fabulous green checked border! The stitching adds great dimension to it! Stay dry! (From the rain , I mean!!!)

  2. That's why I'm only posting every other day now - no light to take photos! Love your toadstool house! I wonder who lives there!!? I think it could be fairy Mary!?? hehe!

  3. The pin cushion is so cute. Thanks for sharing the tute.

  4. Adorable! I want to see more of that quilt!

  5. Pretty stitching! The toadstool is really cute :)

  6. I just love your toadstool and the lovely stitching on the quilt.

  7. At least we have a favourite pastime that is suited to being cosy indoors! I'd like to live in that little toadstool house, it's so cute!! Your shop sample looks beautiful too. You sew the most perfect stitches.

  8. I photo shop my pictures all the time, it's not the same but does cheer up the photos!
    Cute mushie!!

  9. Love the green checked border! The toadstool is great!