Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cleaning, Thinking and a little Pyramid Building....

That about sums it house needed a thorough dusting!  I love when I get in the cleaning mode and tear through a few rooms in one morning.

I cleaned and I hung more plates on my Wall O' Plates!!!
I have been collecting some fun, colorful plates and I am determined to mix these plates with some of my husband's grandfathers paintings {from the early 1900's}and fill my entire wall with plates and paintings.  

I have such a difficult time with art.  What I really like I can't afford and the rest I just can't get excited about.  But I love plates on the wall!!!  They are beautiful...the shape....the colors....the design.  And I like the mix of old and new. 

Last summer I bought a chair at a garage sale and before Thanksgiving I painted it and re-covered the seat cushion.  It had to move to the basement while we had the tree up, but the chair is now back and I really love it...especially since it was only $5!!!

Hee hee!!!  I know, great picture, right?  I like the color of the chair but I REALLY like the cushion....and of course my sweet Rose and Star is waiting to take her rightful place :)

Which leads me to my thinking today....
Thinking about what fabric to use for the Rose and Star Block Party.
I know my quilt will be built upon this fabric....

I LOVE this fabric! 

From Melody Miller....

I must have slept well last night because I still had energy to work on the Pyramid Quilt a bit...

It is growing!!!

We even had a smattering of snow was a good day to stay indoors...
right, Flanders???

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, my! I had to 'pin' your new chair/quilt photo AND your pyramid top!! The Melody Miller fabric is beautiful! I want to find something special for the Block Party too- (Yes, I gave in!!) Are you using it where Clare has used the white! Fabulous!

  2. oh mary ... your pyramid quilt is soooooooooo wonderful ... every section you add makes it sing even more ...

  3. I LOVE your two quilts! they pyramid quilts is fabulous. Great colors.

  4. Your focus fabric for Rose and Star QAL is luscious! Great pyramids.

  5. Your pyramid quilt is fabulous! And I'm excited about the Rose and Star (and also have Melody Miller fabric on its way...)

  6. Ack!! Your colorful post makes my head hurt, I love it so much....everything I'm IN on the QAL...can you pick a focus fabric for me???? btw, I'll have to show you my plate walls sometime...not as pretty as yours, but I do love me some plates!!!

  7. Mary I had to look through your posts to see when you made the rose and star quilt as I didn't recall it in your end of year recap - - and I found the post showing it was a gift. Wow! What a work of art! So now I am excited about the block party also and think I might have to join in, too! Is Flanders your dog and Molly your daughter? I am trying to figure it out.... :) Kris

  8. The plate wall looks smashing. The chair is wonderful. Love the quilt. Love the fabric...Life if good isn't it?

  9. oh, i am loving your pyramid quilt! so unique and fun!

  10. i feel like a broken record... i love this quilt. xo ;)

  11. I love your chair, the fabric looks 60's retro. The pyramid quilt looks amazing with the colour transitions. I'm coveting at least two of your plates, I think they look fabulous on the wall.

  12. Oh that chair is amazing!! Love the pyramids and the rose and star is beautiful!
    The plates with the paintings is so cool, very retro!

  13. I think you need to start charging me for all this exposure you're giving me!

    I love your plates I think I recognise a few :P


  14. Love all your plates. Next to fabric colorfull plates are my favorite. Your quilts as always are gorgeous.

  15. Love the pyramid top! And I hope you didn't make Flanders pose for too long in the cold *wink*

  16. that pyramid quilt is amazing! i just found your blog and i've paged back a ton and pinned a whole bunch of stuff. thank you for so much inspiration! i love your work.

  17. It's such a treat to see your plate wall! You chair is fabulous too!! I love that melody miller fabric, awesome colours! Ohh and your pyramids... You know Mary, I just love everything in this post!! I'm going back for another drool over it all.

  18. It's such a treat to see your plate wall! You chair is fabulous too!! I love that melody miller fabric, awesome colours! Ohh and your pyramids... You know Mary, I just love everything in this post!! I'm going back for another drool over it all.

  19. As always Mary I am loving everything you are showing me! From plate wall, to chair to your pyramids and Claire's gift! Thought I had worked out what I should be doing this coming year and now you are reminding me about the Block Party!

    I need more time!

  20. Mary, I can't find your email, but I just wanted to let you know that I was connecting to your Flowering Snowball Tutorial for part of a quilt along. I linked back to your tutorial for the templates, but also posted some of my own pictures for more detailed instructions for pinning.

    I love the Flowering Snowball block and am thinking of other fabrics I can make it in!

  21. Hi, i have just popped over from Bo bo buns blog after she mentioned you. You have a gorgeous blog and im loving your pyramid quilt that has given me an idea for my next quilt. I am a beginner but i have just finished my 70's style dimond and my hexagon quilt all sewn by hand. And i loved making them. I will pop back again soon. Happy new year, dee x

  22. oh my oh my oh my ... those pyramids are sending me again ...

    total deliciousness Mary ... I'd give anything to give that quilt a bit of a fondle ...!!