Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Beginning.....

A sweet little guy traveled from Australia to Ohio....just in time for Easter.

He was lovingly stitched by my dear friend Susan at Patchwork n Play!  I can't get over how perfect the embroidery is!!!  Such tiny perfect stitches!  

He came tucked in his own brightly colored shell....
Thank you so much Susan - we are loving this sweet little guy!  He has traveled from Columbus to Coshocton and is keeping us company :) 

I visited the local fabric shop here yesterday.  Lots of wonderful fabric and notions.  They have a great selection of special rulers as well as a large selection of 30's fabrics.  It was good to get in a bit of retail therapy...hee hee!

 And....I began a new quilt!!!

Just a beginning.....
Happy Thursday!


  1. it looks lovely! so glad you were able to get some pretty fabric. fabric always makes me feel better! xoxo

  2. What a sweet bunny it is! Enjoy sewing time. Hugs to your Mom. :-)

  3. He's lovely - does he have a name?! Lovely new fabric, I can't wait to see what your triangles are going to become! ((hugs))

  4. I adore that bunny! :) She's very talented!
    Lovely start on the quilt x

  5. That is one cute bunny Mary! And a new quilt...another one?? What exciting project will it be ??

  6. A new quilt? Really Mary? LOL
    How darling is that bunny!!
    Glad to see some stitching going on.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Loving the fabric, the bunny...Have a happy and wonderful Easter...

  8. Your little Easter friend is so cute in his own special egg.
    Your new beginning is wonderful!

  9. Our little bunny friend looks really happy in his new home! The retail therapy fabrics look lovely....plans for them or just stash building? And the new DS 'beginning' quilt will be a beauty, of course!

  10. Such a lovely bunny, and lovely fabric too.

  11. Such a lovely bunny, and lovely fabric too.

  12. That's one very cute bunny! Nice fabric puirchases and a great start to a new quilt too. Sounds like fun.

  13. Love that sweet bunny! And glad to see you have had a few minutes to do something that refreshes you a little. Many prayers for your family this Easter.

  14. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    So glad to see a little sun shining through! <3

  15. Such a super cute little bunny! In an egg too!! Yep very very cute!! nice new fabrics and your beginning looks wonderful already!