Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Big Zig!

I love to share the fabulous quilts by the folks I am so lucky to sew with!
     These women arrive at the shoppe eager to sew...eager to spend a couple of hours each week for 5 weeks stitching and sharing...I just can't tell you how fun it is!  We get to know each other...we laugh...we complain...we encourage each other and learn from each other!  So much better than therapy!

Introducing the Big Zig!

    This is Anna's quilt! I must tell you, Anna has been coming to the shoppe for as long as I can remember.  Anna has two wonderful children - her son Josh is my Saturday buddy!  He sneaks into the shoppe...when I see his mom, I think Josh didn't come to visit me...and then he pops up!  Gets me every time!
Anna made a great quilt!  She used a cross weave in chocolate brown for the space between her zigs....fantastic!

Next is Kristy. Kristy and her sister-in-law, Judi, took the class together.  I want to be adopted into this family!  They are so much fun!

And isn't this quilt fabulous!

Judi's is equally fabulous! Both quilts are quilted with a combination of machine and hand quilting!
Alison did a gorgeous quilt  with colors transitioning from intense  reds to yellow...

Hopefully, I will be able to show you Serena's sensational holiday quilt in the near future...she took a bit of a tumble and the quilt needed to be sidelined while Serena rested. Boo!
And now I have another group that will begin zigging tomorrow!
To get in the groove...I did a little zig zagging today...
Sorry it has been quiet here lately, but we had to purchase a new computer and it is driving me nuts!
It is so sensitive...I type and things just disappear! It takes me more than twice as long to post!  So frustrating!  I would love any advice!  Sarah?????
mary :)

      tomorrow...I want to show you some more happy mail 


  1. Love them!

  2. Love them!

  3. Oh!! Another HST project I have fallen in love with ! What is it with all these wonderful HSTs floating around blogland lately? Or maybe I've never paid attention to it until now?

    Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts Mary! Am I being biased when I say yours is my favourite- with its spots, reindeer and strawberries- adorable! The stitching and colours of the first one is fabulous too!

  5. gorgeous quilts, they all are so pretty and unique!!!

  6. I know what you mean about good therapy. It works for me too. LOLL
    Beautiful quilts.

  7. You are some star pupils there, fantastic quilts! Ada :)

  8. I've been seeing a few zig zags around and there are so many combinations. Amazing how different they all look within your group. Wonderful.


  9. Josh is famous! :)
    I love all of our quilts, so pretty!

  10. Wish I could have taken this class! Lovely quilts!

  11. I like the first big zig a lot! Makes me want to start one on my own, too.

  12. All those Big Zigs are big on gorgeousness!!! I can just imagine the lovely times you have in class.

  13. I don't understand why some people don't like brown - not when I see these glorious quilts any way!

    They all look so happy your students! They are so lucky to be in your classes!