Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coffin Star....

I began working with this block a while ago...
you have to look past the name and just take in how sweet and simple....

when I brought home Chicopee, I knew Coffin Star and Chicopee would look terrific together.

Chicopee is a Denyse Schmidt fabric.  I love her fabrics...she is one of my very favorite fabric designers...her designs are always my go-to fabrics.  Even though I am not sure her Greenfield Hill line was a big hit. I LOVE IT!

Today I have been trying to put together a few projects started but not finished....
Coffin Star is one...
It began like this....

I thought it needed something in the negative space...
so I filled the four corners with hourglass triangles...

I like it.  I like the traditional look of it.

It should be fun to quilt!

As I was cleaning out drawers this week, I came across this picture of my mom.  Hard to believe she has been gone only 6 months. She would have been 81 today.  What a beautiful person.



  1. Love the squares! What a different look with the addition of the corner triangles. Your mother is just beautiful - happy birthday to her. I hope some happy memories comforted you today....peace.

  2. I've never heard of this block. It's really lovely. I'm pretty crazy about Chicopee and Greenfield. I miss my mother, too. What a special photo.

  3. it has only been almost a month since my mom passed, still so hard to believe. my heart is with you dear friend. xo

    love the new quilt. i agree with you about denise. she is genius! and i have to admit that i think her greenfield hill line is probably my most favorite. i loved that floral!

  4. You have an amazing ability to pair fabric with the perfect block Mary! It will a lovely quilt! We never get over losing our mothers....she was beautiful!

  5. Mary-- I don't think I've ever commented before, but I so look forward to your blog posts - always inspirational! I love the corner triangles on this quilt to alleviate some of the negative space, really adds a great dimension to your quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Great blocks - Love those fabrics too!

    Your mum - what a lovely smile!

  7. What a lovely picture of your Mum, she reminds me of someone.
    hugs xxx

  8. Beautiful quilt and beautiful mom. Xo

  9. Oh Mary, your Mom is cute as a button. :p I am so sorry she has crossed over. There's no other feeling like one has when her Mom crosses. I love the block design you are working with now. :p

  10. Everything lined up so perfectly! It's my birthday after Christmas, and I'm thinking of getting one of those quilt ruler thingys, any you recommend? I'm getting braver with my rotary cutter! :) x (hope for me yet?)

  11. Such an unfortunate block name.. but a wonderful quilt top! You are fabulous at picking the right pattern to showcase fabrics! What a beautiful photo of your mother, such a beautiful smile.

  12. what a beautiful way you made the blocks sing together when you added the hour glass blocks in the corners: great design!!!

  13. very cool! i can't wait to see what it looks like quilted. and your mom seems like she was a very lovely woman.

  14. What a delightful picture of your mom... I bet her laugh was infectious. Your recollection of her is so sweet. My Mom passed this last March. I miss her. For some reason i am comforted when i read or hear someone else speak so warmly of their own Mother as you have done. Wishing you peace and comfort. Thanks for sharing her marvelous smile.