Monday, December 10, 2012


 Christmas is slowing down this train!
But I am certainly feeling like the caboose...
I just can't get out to shop....settle down to sew....too busy with silly stuff.
But today I worked on a couple of little surprises...
and began playing with a sneak peek of Denyse Schmidt's new line {thank you Sew To Speak}

a new pattern, and new still my heart...

Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt....
and a special roll of 10 inch squares from Sew To Speak!

I can wait to get crackin' on this one!

I have such a sweet pup!
happy monday


  1. Where did you get that hat?? My brother got two dogs this year and my girls want hats for them.

    Good luck with everything.

  2. I'm already excited about Shelburne Falls. You're lucky to get have a sneak preview, I know you'll make something amazing with it!
    Flanders is so cute in that funny hat. Very Dr Seuss!

  3. Oh Flanders.. what a placid and accommodating pooch! Your new DS looks amazing!

  4. Ok the DS is gorgeous, the pattern looks great but all I can look at is Flanders!! Too cute :)

  5. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No Fair......
    You have a little elf helper then?

  6. ps. this fabric line reminds me of my french window mini!

  7. I think I'm really going to like Shelburne Falls--looks like it will work with a lot of her other fabrics.

  8. Oh!!!!! What a picture!!! What a face!!!

  9. Love that new fabric. You know who needs a hat like that! Adorable!!

  10. I can see your stems and flowers but what is the background colour Mary!? Are you going dark like the pattern which I love! Or have you a new twist to reveal!?

    Doesn't Fanders look cute bless him! Not sure Maddie would allow dressing up - she prefers to get dressed in leaves and twigs!

  11. My daughter would like your dog to come and live with us, could swap for a lovely black and white cat, but be warned she gets you up at ungodly hours in the morning!!! :)