Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Madness....

I had a talented group of new and experienced quilters who worked together over the last 5 weeks...
Some had a bit of piecing experience and a couple were completely brand new beginners!  How fun!

We worked on a Coin Quilt and learned as much as I could pack into 5 classes...

Some of the things we talk about...
types of thread, tools for quilting, types of batting, seam allowances, tips for pressing fabrics, proper cutting techniques, fabric and color- including value, size of print, etc., various ways to baste a quilt....
We piece, quilt {including hand quilting}, baste and bind.

Here are their special makes!


Aren't they fantastic!

When I have not been busy sewing with fun and talented folks....I have been enjoying {still} some relaxed time at home...doing 'what I want'....hee hee!

while I sip coffee from my favorite new mug....

Molly and Kyle brought this back from Ireland!

Oh yeah! She knows her mamma well!

I have been piecing more spools...

I was thinking 100 spools...hmmmm....not so sure I am quite that patient...

And I finished my block for the Mid-Century Modern Bee....a block for my dear friend Susan....a Feather!

The colors are not quite true in the pictures I took, but she asked for the colors of the Kingfisher.  Truly a lovely palette.

I am also part of another Flickr group....
Zakka Along 2.0....
projects made from Patchwork, Please!

I believe this group just started posting in May so I shouldn't be too tardy...

But this is the first of, hopefully, many cute projects from the book...

Patchwork Please!  by Ayumi Takahashi

This will be sent to someone special...

We have had some of the best Spring weather this year in Ohio...
my flowers are loving it!

Happy Wednesday!
mary :)


  1. Well done the class! Cute mug - wonder if it's Guinness or coffee?

    Fun blocks - adore the spools!

    And Ayumi's pencil case is just heavenly! I have the book but haven't started yet...

    I adore aquilegias and lucky you to be able to grow lily of the valley - it doesn't like my garden.

  2. So fun catching up with you! Beautiful feather and love the Zakka project.

  3. Looks like a fun class. Love the little patchwork zipper purse!

  4. didnt they do well....under your tuition of course!

  5. Thanks for posting all those coin quilts; I have just finished a surprise baby one and was wondering how it would look with simple straight line quilting--smashing I can see by all those posted! :--)))
    Perfect timing! This will be my first big machine quilt project--am off to get a walking foot tomorrow! Hugs Julierose

  6. Looks like you had a great class Mary. You finished your feather block for Susan before me and it's so cute. I especially love the hand stitched zipper bag!!

  7. You are surely back into the swing of things! Are you sure there is only coffee in that mug!?? I LOVE my feather- I knew you would make it special!!! And Zakka- I have even started yet! The pencil case is so sweet! Winter has arrived here so I am very jealous of your beautiful flowers!

  8. I wish I could take a class from you. Now I am wondering what I don't know about pressing. I love your pencil pouch. I just ordered the book the other day and can't wait for it to arrive.

  9. I love the variety of all the coin quilts! Especially enjoyed seeing Dear Stella's "Piper" in action :)Fun, fun post!

  10. Oh, your feather is so pretty, Mary! I'm still waiting for my fabric to show up and hoping that it isn't lost. What a cute little pieced zipper bag!

  11. Can't wait to see Susan's quilt once she gets all her blocks - I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Question about your hand quilting - I am in the process of quilting my first quilt with "large" stitching - and I was just wondering how long your stitches were?

  12. you must be delighted with your pupils work some eye catching quilts they have produced.
    Spools are coming along well, not a block I have tried yet so will have to add it to my list.
    Love the bag will have to look for the book it is from and no doubt feel the need to buy it.

  13. Those class quilts look wonderful. I bet they'll all be signing up for another class. Your spool blocks are fun, what size are they? Beautiful feather block too!!!

  14. They have done so well, you are obviously an excellent teacher! :) x

  15. Im so glad the weather has perked up, I did actually garden yesterday and have more to do today.
    Loving the glimpse through the window!

  16. So fun to have a share of your May madness! Love all your ongoing projects. And your students quilts are inspiring. I have a love for the old and simple patterns. These are all pretty, and the added hand-quilting makes them extra lovely. Very late to the party I have to say thank you for sharing all the beautiful wedding pictures too. Beautiful daughters, beautiful mother... and a lot of good effort made a beautiful wedding!

  17. So many great pictures of all those wonderful projects! I'm especially fond of your spool blocks. And the class coin quilts are awesome!

  18. I love the triangular pieced row on the far left of the zipper pouch! You sure have been busy, they are all such great projects :)

  19. Your feather block is beautiful--love the fabrics. Pretty flowers!