Thursday, June 27, 2013


Yes, my little drops of rain are upside down....I would love to say this was all part of the grand design....but, no,
it was just me not paying attention...
silly me...

Maybe I was a bit distracted by a fantastic paper foundation pattern I found on Pinterest.
I have long loved the vintage Scotty Dog design...

and was so excited to find one on Pinterest!

This one finishes as a 6 inch cute!

happy thursday!


  1. Oh, I must make Scotty! (I made the DS Scotty dog soft toy once and it was the hardest thing I had ever done!) And yippee- I'm your first commenter today! What's a few upside down raindrops between friends! LOL!

  2. I actually thought the raindrops looked just fine - I just showed them to my small daughter who agrees:-) Since real raindrops are apparently not tear shaped it doesn't really matter as long as they're aesthetically pleasing and I love yours! Scotty dog is cool too.

  3. that's funny..!!!.;0)
    I have just got my scotty dog quilt finished...
    It wass so much fun to work on it...
    I will send you a picture..
    Have a nice day

  4. ehhhh what is your email adres ?? I wil send you a photo of my finished quilt..;0)

  5. I made a quilt quite some time ago using the dog design. The block was not hard to stitch as it might seem to be.

  6. Love this, I've made a Scottie dog with squares and triangles but never like this, he's great

  7. Ooops. Sorry I mentioned the teardrops. Just think of them as working their way home, leaving happy times in their wake.

    Very cute Scottydog!

  8. So stinkin' cute!! And I'm not just saying that because I come from Scottish stock… :-)

  9. OMGoodness! I love the Scottie - My daughter graduated undergrad school from Agnes Scott College and of course their mascot is a Scottie. I've made several but this one I LOVE!! And I have some of that linen!
    And the raindrops are like turning a frown upside down:)
    xo jan@

  10. such a sweet little scottie, and like others I liked the rain drops.

  11. Hello Scotty!! This is such a gorgeous block!! Are you going to make a whole quilt?

  12. I am also wondering what you are planning with the scottie dog. I can't decide whether I like him best standing on all four legs... or balancing on two... I'd do both alternating the setting...

  13. Are you going to make a whole quilt of these? I hope so!

  14. I love that you made a recognizable dog shape in muted colors. It's adorable and sophisticated at the same time! When you decide what to do with it, I'd love to see it as a work in progress on Kollabora, the crafting community! A lot of us over there have been looking for quilting inspiration lately.