Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cloudy With a Chance Of Maxwell....

I feel this short post deserves a wee preamble...
This quilt began as a mobile. A mobile for a baby boy {yet to meet the world}. But even before it was a mobile it was a bumper pad extraordinaire. Gorgeous in it's simplicity...linen and puffy  boucle' yarn clouds usher baby to dream land. 
This was my inspiration for the quilt....a quilt for Maxwell.

When I began developing this idea I knew I would want to use Essex linen for the body of the quilt.  Essex yarn dyed.
Then I decided to use Linen Thread for the hand quilting....

It is lovely thread and I adore the look, but I have to be was very difficult to hand quilt.  I think perhaps in a thinner weight it would work much better. But this was the first time I had used this thread.  I must say it is a beautiful look...

The binding is waiting to be attached so I hope to show you pictures of the completed quilt tomorrow!
and in just a few more days we hope the newest member of our family...Maxwell August will be snuggled under a quilt of clouds. 



  1. oh, my!!! how totally sweet. Can't wait for the reveal.

  2. Maxwell will be well and truly spoiled, if this quilt is anything to go on! Beautiful photos!

  3. you are a tease!! now we are all waiting to see this quilt, hurry and finish it please.

  4. can't wait for the reveal, the embroidery is adorable.

  5. Maxwell is one very lucky little boy! :) x

  6. Before I started quilting I just thought thread was thread but now I just love hearing what people use and what works well etc. it's great to hear your thoughts on linen thread. I'm looking forward to seeing your clouds.

  7. I have never seen linen thread. Thanks for sharing it. The little cloud is so adorable!! :0)