Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Place for Everything and Everything In It's Place

In my own life...I wish this was true....
My hexagons were stuffed and crammed into a zip lock back...
Then I saw a plain cardboard lunch box at Target.

I did a little stitching...

and some gluing...

And now I have a proper place for my hexies!
mary :)


  1. That is adorable!! I love the pink trimming. I'm going to use your saying as I do a long overdue tidy of my sewing room.

  2. Cute!! Cannot wait to send you my parcel now!

  3. I wouldn't mind how the rest of my house looked, if I had a pretty hexie case like that! The pink crochet lace is gorgeous!

  4. what a pretty cover, I think we all have things stuffed into nooks and crannies, I seem to spend hours searching for things I had thought had been put in a sensible place but no they are nowhere to be found!

  5. brilliant idea, looks beautiful!

  6. I saw those little boxes the other day in Target -- this is ADORABLE!!!

  7. What a cute idea! You know we got a Target a few months back and I've never been in it? Perhaps it's time...