Monday, May 5, 2014

Checking In....

Well, May is off to a busy start!
I am preparing a couple of projects for a quilt market booth.  I am sure the entire quilting and sewing world has heard of the wonderful opportunity Art Gallery Fabrics has launched with their limited edition line of fabrics.  They have chosen a group of three Bloggers/Seamstresses/Pattern designers to design a line of fabric.  It is my understanding, this will continue with another round of designers chosen to represent their ideas in fabric!
So the first round of designers include: Caroline Hulse, Sara Lawson, and April Rhodes.
I am creating a couple of projects for April Rhodes booth...
so here is a sneak peek...

I will be hosting a bit of a giveaway here on the 12th. of be sure to stop back...

This quilt is finally bound and washed....

I have decided to open an Etsy shop for baby size quilts....
That is still in the works...I have often been asked if I sell my quilts.  Years ago I did sell my quilts and bags in a small boutique near my home town.  Then the economy went south and that was that.  My focus this time around is much more narrow and completely on my own terms.  

Like most quilters, my mind is always creating!  This will give me an added incentive to create...totally for the joy and love of it!

Oh....and I am going to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh!  Yay!  My first time going to Quilt Market...what a great opportunity.

So what is on your plate for May?  I would love to hear!
xo mary         


  1. Have fun at market! I've been a few times and it is great.
    I'm working on a few scrappy things and lovin' it. Good luck with the etsy shop.

  2. So very cool that PIttsburgh is in your future--I'm sure your head will just be spinning and whirling with ideas and input. And congrats that your work will be exhibited, too!

    I'm glad you will be creating "just for the love of it," as you stock your Etsy shop. That's the only reason I think that will keep us happy in our industry--letting the joy of creativity propel us to our next quilt.


  3. How exciting that you'll be going to market. That would be such an amazing experience. And congratulations on opening an Etsy Shop. There'll be some happy babies out there lucky enough to get one of your beautiful quilts.

  4. Love those quilts, I will look out for you in Pittsburgh!

  5. What a ball you will have at Market, Mary!! I bet that your etsy shop will be a big success...have fun with it!

  6. I think you will love Market. I went last year. All the designers, booths, and inspiration! Oh I wish I was going again. Love the quilting on your baby quilt. Lovely

  7. the new fabric looks good, and your finished quilt is very nice love the quilting on it. Best of luck with your new venture on etsy I know you will do well with your talent with quilting

  8. Can't wait to see your quilt! Love the idea of making what you like and then trying to sell it.:)

  9. There will be lots of happy babies wrapped in quilts my Molly Flanders! Have fun in Pittsburgh, sounds great.

  10. Mary, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to buy a quilt from you!! Can't wait!!!

  11. Beautiful hand quilting Mary! Have a great time at Quilt Market. Can't wait to hear all about it!

    When I'm not working at my day job, I am fully engulfed in making granny square blocks. They are so much fun to make! I'm hoping I can stay on track with Lori Holt's Great Granny Sew Along!

  12. What fun! Making stuff for Quilt Market and also going.

  13. Lucky you, going to Market!! I hope you'll post loads of pictures on IG. I love your quilts. I keep coming back to look at your quilting on the Arizona quilt.