Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two Big Announcements!

Good Morning! There are two big events you will want to know about and, perhaps, participate!

Karen of 'Laugh Yourself Into Stitches' is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY!
She is giving away 6 months of instructions for 60 Farmer's Wife blocks...instructions for a table runner, topper and lap quilt pattern!


You can find all the details for the Giveaway here....

I hope you enter and best of luck!

The second big announcement is SEW-VIVOR!!!!  A fun sewing competition Hosted by Rachel of 'Family Ever After'  

This year SEW-VIVOR is all about quilting!!!
 You can check out the schedule and the categories on Rachel's blog

the prizes and the sponsors will be announced next week and auditions will open!

I am even more excited about SEW-VIVOR this year because I am a member of the Tribal Council!  Whoa Nelly!   


 This will be an exciting Edition with all the wonderful Blogger/Quilters out there! I am so excited!

Rachel does a fantastic job pulling this fun competition together.  This is the third year of SEW-VIVOR so I expect the prize packages will be impressive!

Hop over to Family Ever After and get all the details! 

happy tuesday!



  1. I've never heard of Sew Vivor but it sounds exciting. I'm off to check it out!!

  2. Will check these out Mary, thank you for the links! :) x

  3. Will you get to confiscate their torches and send them off the island? (That's all I remember from the few times my husband watched the reality show.)