Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Sew Together Bag!

Well, I jumped on the Sew Together train!
I am sure you have all seen this fantastic little bag floating around on the blogs and IG...
The pattern is by Sew Demented 

It really isn't as scary as it looks, but I did have the fabulous sew-along tutorial by Quilt Barn close at hand...

First I pieced and quilted my own fabric for the exterior of the bag...

I love this scrappy piece with some of my favorite fabrics!

I followed the instructions and used some colorful zips!

  and soon a bag took shape...

I attached my binding (the most difficult part) by machine...
it turned out fine, but the next time I will try attaching first by machine and then hand stitching to finish.

I know it looks a bit intimidating but it really wasn't so bad...
and it's just a great little bag!

I love it!

I also played with a bit of Liberty and ball fringe for a simple, yet oh-so-lovely pillow!

I am hoping to visit the Country Living Fair this weekend!  Have you ever been?  
happy thursday!


  1. What a fun little bag. Your fabric choices are always a delight!! Have fun at the Country Living Fair.

  2. the little bag looks so complicated to me, have seen it a few times and maybe will have a go one day!

  3. You did a grand job of your Sew Together bag! And what a sweet cushion too! Both beautiful Mary creations!

  4. Such a fun bag to make...and as usual, I adore you patchwork! You have such a great color aesthetic. Happy Friday!

  5. I went last year! The quilt booths were of course my favorite and I wish there were more! Sew to Speak should do one!

  6. Sweet finish! I especially love the binding, it's colors and the bias stripe!!!

  7. Your Sew Together Bag is so cute. I made one this summer, along with friends, which was very helpful. Even though I have already made one, I will follow the tutorial. The binding is tricky--I did the whole thing on my Featherweight and I think the next time I will try glue basting the binding so I can avoid hand sewing. Anyway, your version is fabulous!!

  8. Oh how practical, what a wonderful bag. Very cute pillow too.

  9. My friend made me one of these bags and I just love it!

  10. You bag is so so cute. Why am I afraid to make one???

  11. Well Mary I beg to looks very complicated, but as usual done with such skill, beautiful liberty there too :) xxx

  12. Your Sew Together Bag is very cute! I tore my hair out with those instructions... before I heard about the Quilt Barn tutorial! Glad to see you had such success.

  13. Hi there...these are so cute! I was at the fair yesterday ;)

  14. I love your and Suz's scrappy versions of these bags. If I finish a few WIPs, one will be on my to-do list.

  15. I'm hearing a lot about this bag. Your handwork just makes it so special, Mary.