Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Our mild December turned into frozen January!
Happy Chilly New Year!

So, since I am only going out of my house if we need milk...I am sticking close to the sewing machine!  Works for me :)

I have always loved a bow tie block.  Simple and sweet.  

I've put together the center and started on the borders...
most of the fabrics are from a Flower Sugar bundle I picked up at Quilt Market.  I threw in a few new Kokka prints, some gingham, and some text prints for the border.

I decided on two borders.  The first is a piano key border and the outer border will be these scrappy flying geese.

Very girly!  Luckily, I have three girls so I think one of them will be getting a new quilt!

If you have Amazon Prime or shop on Amazon, you know they are always up-selling.  Recommended other items you might be interested in.  Well, I am a sucker for recommendations and for quilting/crafting books.  So before I knew it I had ordered Zakka Handmades!

What a great little book!  

I threw together this cutlery carrier (which I will call a sewing carrier) in no time at all!  Truly a fast fun make!

Perfect to sit by the sewing machine filled with spools of thread!

The numbers fabric is a Japanese fabric (which will be available at Sunny Day Supply) and the lining is from the new C+S Cookie Book Collection...we will have this in a different colorway.  I can't wait!  
    It's another bone chilling day you know where to find me.  Keeping my sewing machine warm!
happy thursday!


  1. Bow Ties and Flying Geese are such fun quilts--your fabrics are beautiful--bright and cherry

  2. I have that cutlery (sewing) carrier on my to-do list too. I may just tackle it over the weekend. Love your bow ties and geese. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  3. I'm loving your bow tie blocks!! Those flower sugar fabrics are always gorgeous. Your online shop is going to be the best, Do you have an opening date yet?

  4. I'm a sucker for Bowtie blocks, too. I love them in your fabrics and ginghams and vintage cloth. I admire you for your piano key border--always a hard one for me. Cute tote!


  5. As always, a pleasure to visit Molly Flanders! I have never made a bow tie block! It must go on my list! I'm asking the same question as Rachael- any sign of an opening for your shop?

  6. Love the precious quilt and what a cute bag! That'll be fun to use for sure.

  7. I have never made a bow tie quilt but yours looks wonderful, I love the pretty fabric together with the white.

  8. Very cute! The sewing carrier would be great for knitting projects too : ) Stay warm!!

  9. I like the way you think! At minus 28 this morning, I sure don't want my Kenmore to catch a chill!! Love the combo of elements you have going into your sweetness will be a fun finish to see!

  10. I just love the way you put fabrics together. That seems to be what defines you as a quilter (for me, anyway.) I would NEVER have thought of the text print -- do you know what it is? I also love the simplicity of the things you make, letting the fabrics be the real stars of the show. I, too, am looking forward to your shop!

  11. Love all of your quilts. I have a strange request... I love your Pickle Dish quilt, and I'm getting ready to start my own. I've been searching for my background fabric for a year! Finally found it. I searched your blog for your posts regarding yours, and for the life of me I couldn't find them! Could you email me the link?? My email address is

  12. Just lovely, you always seem to put just the right fabrics together! Do you use a particular flying geese method, what would you recommend? Thanks Mary :) xxx

  13. How exciting to hear about your online shop. I love, love the container you've made from the Zakka book. I. Rather fond of your bow ties too.

  14. I always like a good bowtie quilt. What's your method for the center square?

  15. I made a bow tie quilt years ago...all from fabric purchased at Walmart!! It was for my son and 20 years later is still going strong! I'm looking forward to Sunny Days in 2015!

  16. Hello Mary, I've never made a bow tie quilt, in fact i've never followed a pattern . . . I just get lost in doing whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. The quilting bug bit me around a year and a half ago and I haven't been the same since. I absolutely love the things that you make and the fabrics you choose. That newsprint fabric is wonderful :) I have a lot to learn and who knows maybe someday I'll even follow a pattern, LOL. I am your newest follower and I would be honored if you would visit my blog and help me celebrate my three year blogging birthday. I am having a Give-A-Way.
    Your newest blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  17. You are going to make one of your daughters very happy!!! I LOVE this!!!

  18. I am only leaving the house if I need milk because it is too hot (again).
    I love the fabrics you chose for your sewing carrier. They turn a simple bag into something chic.