Monday, March 16, 2015

Just in Time to Wish You a Happy St. Patricks Day!

Wow! I can't believe I have been slacking away so long!
Our little shop has only been open about a month and it keeps me busy in such a good way.

 I don't know about you...but I definitely need to sew...even if I am drowning in chores. Sew something. Anything. Or I feel very disconnected. So, no matter what is going on, I try to squeeze a little sewing into my day.

Here is a bit of what I have been doing since March last post :(

 I played with this adorable new line by Elea Lutz called Milk, Sugar and Flower. Sweetness overload here! I love vintage fabrics and new vintage inspired fabrics are equally as fabulous! This line is just so good. It feels so my grandma's apron :)

     For this scalloped trivet, I used a rounded wedge ruler I purchased ages ago. After stitching the wedges together, I placed an over-sized square of backing fabric and the 'top' right sides together and stitched all around, leaving an opening for turning.  Then clipped in the curves and turned right side out. To finish, I hand stitched the opening closed, added a center circle, and hand stitched around the edge with perle cotton. Simple and cute!

I have also spent some quality time with 1 inch hexies. This is the first time I have tried glue basting my hexies. I usually stitch baste. I must say it is much faster, but I do feel like I am having to pull and man-handle my hexies a little too much to take the papers out. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you thread baste or glue baste and why? 

To me English Paper Piecing is much like hand relaxing. I love to sit with it while I am watching Netflix with the boy. 

There is a plan for these...I just need to get this to a useable size...

I love watching it grow and it's almost painful to cut it up! If you are connected to Instagram and want to watch a lovely EPP video...check out Clare's video. On Instagram you can find her at Selfsewn. 

Finally, I must say this online sewing, quilting, crafting community...both bloggers and folks on Instagram are some of the very best people. Lately, I have seen examples of kindness and goodness that just warms my heart. You don't have to know someone personally to develop a true friendship and have empathy. Sorry for being squishy, but I have seen and felt the love from this community. It's a good thing.

Happy St. Patricks Day!
xo mary


  1. I LOVE hexis and use Sew Line glue - which I find reduces the prep time considerably. Just before I'm ready to remove the papers I spray starch my project, then iron front and back and the papers come off easily. And your project is nice and crisp!

  2. just put the tiniest amount of glue and they come out easy. and as Irene said, iron then remove them, helps too

  3. I baste on the backside of my work and I use squares, I don't take the time to cut actual hexies. basting with glue is so fast, I do love it, but because I don't trim, I have issues keeping all the little flaps flat, so I either trim or go back to basting with thread, that holds all the little flaps in place. I am going back to thread basting - I think, but the glue method is just so quick...

  4. What a lovely post. It's lovely to hear your squishy sentiments. I dont glue, partly because it feels like just another tool to buy and refill and because I actually like the basting part. I baste with little stitches on the back and the papers pop out nicely. Having said that I'm the slowest hexie sewer , maybe I'd get more done if I used glue.

  5. Your work always has a little bit of magic in it and I love finding the little bits and treasures in there! Sometimes hearts overflow and you have to get squishy!!!! I love my sewing friends and have found them to be the best part of blogging/IGing ( Instagram is a verb, right?!?!?) for glue basting i put a smidgen at the corners of the first side i lay down. After that I try to glue fabric to fabric and a little dab will do it. The press before taking papers out is also a must do! Thank you for all the inspiration! Even your book covers are amazing and I think they should be turned into fabric!

  6. I whip the corners together now so much quicker and to make popping the card out. Punch a hole thought your template, this means you can pull the out easily with out tugging.

    EPP is my first and all time favorite way of relaxing, perfect gentle rythmic stitching.

  7. I have been sewing hexies in doctor's waiting rooms today. So relaxing. I still cannot bring myself to glue baste. It is not just that I am a traditionalist; I worry that I will never unpick the glue. Is that what you are wrestling with?

  8. Lovely, lovely little hexies.......yes it's a very special community isn't it :) xxx

  9. I have been sewing hexies for 15 years now. They never lose their appeal. Therapy it is. I am anxious to see what yours become

  10. I love your trivet! I need to pick up that collection/ I have never made hexies, but they are on my to-do list.

  11. I use a Sewline glue stick pen for basting EPP and I use Glue-Baste-It (liquid) when I want to appliqué my EPP. I'm a huge fan of glue basting!

  12. I love glue basting--a recent convert--as it saves the hands for the more important part of sewing the EPP together. To remove stubborn spots, I simply slide the business end of a stiletto underneath the s. a. to loosen it and it pops right off. No need for tugging.

    Love your little tiny Dresden--sweet is right, but so cute!


  13. I am a convert to glue basting and use the SewLine pen. It does make it quicker! But I also finding the removal a bit of an issue.... I also wonder whether it is affecting the fabric if it stays around for too long!