Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday!

I have been working up a couple of tutorials to share, but I wanted you to see the Mid Century Modern Bee block I finished for Stephanie!

I love Flying Geese and every time I work with them it makes me want to do more! But due to my sleepy Benadryl brain, I had to use the seam ripper a couple of times.

See that lower right hand corner there...yup...that one I did a couple of times and I still need to fix it. It should be within the seam allowance, but I will fix it before I send it off!

Also,I have been working on a couple of Gardenvale Stars blocks. Occasionally, I sew with a group of friends and some have expressed an interest in working on a Jen Kingwell quilt. 

So I thought I would make a few blocks and figure out a schedule...super bright, right? The block that is...
Too much? I kind of like it busy and bright.

I need to make a few more...

Have a great weekend! Yay Weekend!

 We finally have Spring in Ohio! It will probably last about 5 minutes and then we will be into the heat of Summer...ugh! Can you tell how excited I am for Summer? I really need to live where it is about 65 degrees for the better part of the year. Any ideas?        



  1. Melbourne?? This Summer we barely had a day over 30C (85F) , but maybe that's too hot for you? How about six months here, and six months there? We could stay in one another's home!! Busy and bright blocks are ALL the rage! I love these Gardenvale Stars!

  2. San Francisco is about 68F year round. :-)

  3. San Francisco is about 68F year round. :-)

  4. Beautiful blocks! Looking forward to the tutorials :)

  5. Greece? We would be delighted to have you here!

  6. England. I don't think they get sweltering like here ; ) Your bee block is just gorgeous. I need to make mine yet. Next week I think. Love anything Jen Kingwell. Happy weekend!

  7. Enjoy your spring, I know I'm loving the flowers here in Nebraska at the moment...not the allergies, though! I have to take the allergy pills until the leaves come on the trees, then I'm good. :/ Anyway, I love your blocks, especially the stars!

  8. Fabulous blocks.Can`t wait for the tutorial!

  9. U.S. Virgin Islands is 79 year round, I'm thinking of moving there ;)

  10. You can come to BC. Here in the lower Mainland it does't get too hot or too cold.

    1. I would love to at least visit! I have not been to Canada! I think your weather is perfect for me!

  11. Dear Mary,
    I like your blocks, they look beautiful.
    Germany is pretty cool, we don't even need aircondition over here.

  12. Beautiful blocks, I like your fabric and colors!

  13. South Dakota!!!! Please, please move there with me! You like winter, so it would be PERFECT! :)

  14. Your blocks are so charming! I would love to have you here in Seattle, although we do get a little cooler and warmer than 65 degrees at times.

  15. Hmmm....maybe you could get an RV and travel with your sewing machine around the country following the good weather!! LOL! Oh, and I love your projects, as always.

  16. I really love how your MCM block turned out. t's a great color combo. Especially with that spark of color in the center. Mine's all packaged and ready to mail.