Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Few Other Fun Makes!

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to stitch up a few other fun things....
There was a baby shower, so I used an older Oliver and S pattern to make an adorable and super cozy kimono outfit!

This fabric is Fruity Pocho brushed cotton...and I must tell you it feels amazing! And gets more amazing with each wash! I want a nightgown out of this fabric.  

I gifted a whole cloth Nani Iro baby quilt...

I used En Garden for the front and Jewel Song on the reverse side. The binding is Liberty Glenjade in teal. And between the layers I used a wool batting. Talk about scrumptious!

Again, I want one my size! The En Garden Nani Iro sold out of the shop, but the good news is, we expect a brand new bolt this week!

Lots of baby gifts at the end of the year in 2015 and I think there will be a few more in 2016!!!
xx mary 



  1. brushed cotton warm and cosy foe cold nights and the quilt is pretty liking the way you have hand quilted it

  2. So adorable--both!! Maybe some gifts in 2016 from a grandmother dear?😜

  3. That brushed cotton looks very luxurious! I did manage to buy a metre of the Nani Iro at my local quilt shop! I am saving it for a special project, one day!

  4. Beautiful gifts Mary!!! I am with you..... I will take one of each in my size!!