Monday, August 2, 2010

Coin Quilt

My sister's daughter is getting married this September and she has requested a quilt.  YAY!  She likes the Coin Quilt soooo.....I have a new project!
This quilt will be similar to this one, although I will use chambray in mocha rather than a Kona Cotton solid.  

She has asked for pick stitching as well as machine quilting.  Luckily, this is a pattern that goes together quickly.  August is always a busy time getting things done that we put off all summer, like doctor's appointments....our big Irish Family Reunion....getting ready for school to begin (groan)....but this will be a fun project for a lovely girl!  I love weddings and wedding things...this weekend is the shower here.  I can't wait!


  1. new projects are so much fun and your's will be lovely!! What a great way to celebrate a wedding.

  2. I just had to tell you how glad I am that you now have a blog! I am always so inspired by your flickr photostream and am really enjoying hearing about your creative process. =)

  3. Oh thank you so much! I hope I can get the hang of this - I will keep plugging away at it :) I appreciate the encouragement.

  4. Here, here! I agree with Little Miss Shabby! Although I just found you I did look at you have been blogging since July of this year! Very impressive of you! I think you are doing wonderfully so please keep up the great work as I am having so much fun reading!!