Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Out of the Moth Balls...

Or, rather, the cedar cedar chest...I pulled out this variation of Log Cabin called Barn Raising.  I made this quilt in 1993 (yikes!) but it is still so relevant.  
A very traditional pattern and hand quilted using traditional techniques (no perle cotton here)
Solid cottons...
The borders are magenta and black with this striking red and black saw-tooth border...and I used black centers in each block rather than the traditional red...I was such a rebel! Ha!
Glad I pulled this makes me happy to see this quilt again.  And goes to prove...everything old is new again!


  1. Just beautiful! Kind of has an Amish feel to it, doesn't it. Love your color sections.

  2. I love old patterns. There are many ways to use them. I think the solids you used makes this quilt timeless. It is a beauty. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Stunning! You have a great color sense.