Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Wild Weekend....

We had a fun, wild weekend!  My sister and I - along with husbands and one child each - took my mom to The Wilds for her birthday!  It was truly amazing!  As my mom said, it felt like being on safari....not that any of us have ever been...but it was amazing.....
Aren't these guys cute....they look like they are posing for the photo!
Wild horses from Mongolia....we sat in an open-air bus and the animals were very close....
Lots of animals to see and lots of was a lovely day!
The day before our trip my sister and mom spent the day in Holmes county...and visited a shop recommended to me by a quilting friend/customer of Sew To SpeakMiller's Dry Goods is a must see stop if you are visiting Charm (I fell in love with Charm years ago on a road trip with my husband.)  So Charm and Miller's is on my to-do list for this Fall!
I am still chugging away on the Gypsy Kisses quilt, but took a break today to whip up this sweet little lamb....

You can download your own pattern from The Pattern-Bee site..he is very quick and easy....I need to add a ribbon around the neck...but I think it would make a cute gift or even a pincushion!
Happy Monday!



  1. We visited the Wilds last weekend! Love those camels! :)

  2. Too funny! While I was in your neck of the woods your mom and sister were in my neck of the woods--Miller's is my fave quilt shop around here and since it's only about 5 minutes from home I pop on over there all the time. =)

  3. Oh my goodness...doesn't the world just seem to get smaller all the time! I hope to make it to Charm in the next couple of mom lives in Coshocton and I will be spending a few days with her. If she is up to it we will visit Miller's!