Monday, January 10, 2011


Now that all my arcs are finished...I have stitched a machine basting stitch (white thread) along the edge of the foundation paper before actually removing the paper...
Not only does this give me a line to follow as I press the 1/4 inch edge under, but I find this basting stitch (white thread) gives the edge a memory of sorts so that it turns under more easily...
Then I baste the entire arc to the lovely background fabric (Betty Dear) with a black thread...both the white basting stitch and the black stitch will be removed after the arc is appliqued....
Of course, in applique the goal is to apply the shape to the background fabric without the stitches showing....
I begin stitching from underneath the background fabric and come up slightly under the edge of the shape being applied and I just take a bite of the edge of the shape....
Then if I go back into my background fabric directly under the spot where I just took a stitch will be hidden....
I have found that if my stitch is forward of the edge of my applied shape as I take my needle back into the background fabric....the stitch will show.
All the forward movement will happen on the back of the background fabric...
Once all the arcs are applied, I will piece the rows together and then fill in the background sections (between the rows) using applique' it is coming right along.....

I had a lovely dinner last night with my sweet friends from was my first experience with 
Indian Cuisine....yum!  I was delighted to discover they use a lot of potatoes...perfect for an Irish girl like me!  I had a fabulous time....thanks friends :)


  1. I just can say WOW! It is soo much work - what a project ...(I like this stripey green fabric together with the aqua background:))

  2. Thank you for the close ups and sharing your tricks of the trade. I'm still building courage to tackle my old DWR wip...

  3. Love the fabrics and your stitching looks perfect, a lovely quilt in the making, I'm sure.
    Potatoes are on my favorite list too! Must be an Irish thing.

  4. Hi Mary,
    I am a new follower and have been completely inspired by your quilting. I currently have 2 not so perfect quilts in mid progress (really must finish them!!) but have just bought a whole bundle of fabric after seeing your work.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration!
    xx Gemma

  5. Looking good!! And Indian food - Lamb Korma, Butter Chicken, Tandoori YUM!