Monday, January 3, 2011

Zippity - Do - Da......

The girls are back in school (wah!!!) and I am back in a regular routine.....I love spontaniety for me....just give me the mundane....
Today I started a short-term project....with some fabulous fabrics from Sew To Speak...

I enjoy having a couple of projects going at once...a long term and a short term...usually if I have hand quilting to do....that is, evening-by-the-TV sort of work.... 
My long term is, of course, the Gypsy Kisses...and my short term is a new/old pattern....

I will only give a hint for really should not take long to piece together...

So what is your first new project for the new year????
Happy Sewing!!!


  1. A Dr. Seuss quilt for my daughter. I agree happy days with school back in session and husbands back to work.

  2. First project for 2011 is to finish my nieces quilt! No such cheer for me though I have to go back to work tomorrow. I really like the red birdy/acorn/flower fabric!

  3. now it clicks! i was at Sew To Speak a few months ago driving thru OH on our way home and I *thought* I saw your MO dresden quilt hanging up in their shop...was it yours i wonder?

  4. Very pretty fabric! I am working on some small projects a this stage. Don;t have a large quilt planned yet!

  5. I am swooning over your choice of fabrics! :o) So cute! I also create like you do, I have a little scrappy project going on in the background, while I wait for the perle 8 that I ordered. :o) So far, my first project completed in 2011 is the table runner I posted. :o)
    Have a super week!!
    Sincerely, Trish
    Ps. My husband and I always say, "we love our boring life!" :o)

  6. Hi Mary,
    First project for 2011 is to clean the sewing room, NO fun but needs to be done. 3 baby quilts for my nieces' triplets, 2 Christmas quilts for my 2 youngest,(did not get finished on time) and then some fun sewing a red/white dresden plate.

  7. Oh I did laugh at your opening sentence! Love the Union Jack quilt, the colours are great.

    Hope you have a fabulous 2011, I look forward to seeing the many lovely things I know you will make. Bethx