Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fantastic Finds!

Friday morning I spent some time with my BFF hitting garage sales and our version of American Pickers.....
I actually did some buying....usually I am very reserved...but Friday the finds were too fantastic!

This sweet little youth quilt was all hand pieced and hand quilted....probably from the 40's...

The smallest squares are no more than 1/2 inch!  And it was in good shape...not perfect but really very good....
So it has been washed and is now residing at the foot of my bed...

Then I found a baby quilt...a very simple pattern. 

But the thing I loved about this is the little fox print....a sly little fox chasing chickens!  Too Cute!

My goal in this trip was to find some vintage tablecloths....I didn't see any until we were about to leave.
Piled high on a shelf were many lovely vintage tablecloths!

I love the border on this one...a nice {faded} peach color....

The big aqua leaves and yellow flowers on this one really pulled me in....

This one is such a beauty!  And the texture is incredible....

A couple of the tablecloths have some rather large holes, but that's okay since I plan on cutting them for other projects...
The last one is in perfect condition and I will use!
It was a fun day!


  1. jackpot! and if you decide to cut up that last one with the yellow strawberries, PLEASE let me buy some of it! i'm working on a strawberry quilt for myself!

  2. I love to go antiquing and find old loved and used things. I see it as giving life to something loved before and find it very your finds.

  3. Wow,lucky you. Great vintage finds, especially the baby quilt.

  4. those quilts are darling. love the sweet vintage fox print on the one!

  5. Oh my! I could only ever dream of having a vintage quilt like that! And you found 2!!! These sorts of quilts just don't exist in Australia! And what pretty table cloths- again a rarity! Well done! I am sure you will get a great deal of pleasure from all your purchases!

  6. Who has been busy buying? Interested to see what you do with these tablelinens. The quilts are lovely - love that fox - the (real) ones round here can be a bit scruffy but he looks a bit of a dandy!

  7. great finds Mary ... loving it all ... yummy quilts and great tablecloths ... well hunted!

  8. Wow! What beautiful quilts, and those tablecloths are lovely. I am a bit envious of your shopping trip!

  9. What a lovely find! I'm glad the quilts have gone to your house where you'll after them and treasure them. love your vintage table cloths!! I collect vintage table cloths's almost just as great to find holey ones because you know you can cut them up without feeling guilty.

  10. Great finds! There is no way they couldn't come home with you!

  11. Nice finds! It was a good day of 'shoppin'! :-)

  12. it really was a great thrifting day for you! so nice that the quilt washed up well and now graces your bed. how fun to check out all that wonderful fabric!

  13. I agree with Rachael! I'm so glad they found their way to your home! Such wonderful finds! :)