Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Molly and Her Quilt....

It began with a little easy piecing....a Union Jack pillow in fact...then she decided she liked it and now Molly - my embroidery phenom  - is quilting!

Unbelievable!  She went to work and came home ready to work on her quilt!

The plan is a Dresden Plate but in Crazy Quilt style!!!  Good Golly Miss Molly!

Stayed tuned....
And here is a little sneak peek of something I have been working on...

See you tomorrow!


  1. How fun to have someone to quilt with!
    And are those letters on your project?

  2. Oh, Molly's quilt is going to be so fabulous! Crazy quilt style? I can't wait to see! :)

  3. Yeah for Molly! SHe couldn't have learnt from a better teacher! Look forward to seeing her crazy quilt - that is, unless she is going to have her own blog too!!

  4. Great to pass on your knowledge to the next long as you don't have to fight over the machine!!!?

    Looking forward to seeing more that the teasing photo you showed us...

  5. What fun!! You'll be able to sew together!! The dresdans look awesome, great fabrics!! I wonder what your word says...

  6. how fun to have your daughter quilt with you! i am so excited for my little miss s. to be big enough to do the same. i have already promised her the janome hello kitty machine. ;)

  7. she's talented like mommy !
    and her t-shirt makes my eyes wet <3
    xo to your girls