Monday, November 7, 2011

The Christmas Rush.....

Are you starting to feel it?  The clock ticking as the hours and days click down to the big gift giving season....
Gift giving is even better when the gifts are homemade...
from the heart....

A few tiny scraps of fabric....

A plastic ornament form and some Modge Podge....

And there you have a scrappy ornament!

Or maybe your gifts will include those of a quilty nature...

A new old block will be stitched into something perfect for a special friend....

And here is something I found helps with all those seams coming together in one area.

Press seams open...

And where several seams come together, for instance, to join the two halves of a block...
clip at the intersection....
Press the little checkerboard intersection open and the other seams in opposite directions.

This helps reduce bulk in the seams.  I have found this results in a nice flat give it a try!

And Happy Monday Sewing!



  1. I love the ornament idea! So wonderful thanks!

  2. I like your scrappy ornaments, must make some for myself now!
    I press most of my seams open I don't like the little ridge you get when you press seams to one side.

  3. That ornament is so pretty! It's wonderful seeing the reverse of your work. The back is as pretty as the front. Do you always press seams open or just when there's a busy intersection?

  4. Love the scrappy ornament! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  5. The scrappy ornament is so sweet! And look at that accurate piecing! I can't imagine how small that little blue square (triangles) is?? Your close up photos are amazing! I think I need to press seams open!

  6. The ornament is cute but I am seriously impressed with your block. Thanks for the detail.

  7. Omygosh how thrilling Mary I am so excited by this ornament!!

    I want tp make one now!!!!!!

    Love that fabric too :)

  8. I like the back AND the front of your blocks. thanks for showing it!

  9. such a cute ornament- that is a great idea and one my daughter could do too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cute scrappy ornament.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  11. Cute ornament. Can't wait to see whatever it is you are sewing. Have a feeling I might know where it is headed...

  12. I'm loving the ornaments..what a fun idea. I'm working on some stuff for the jolly season as well. Good luck.

  13. love the fabric wrapped bauble and great tip on seams too!

  14. So pretty and so simple {scrappy ornament}
    Thanks for the idea.

  15. your perfectly pieced seams are beautiful! i have been pressing my seams open lately. i do love a flat flat flat as a pancake block!

  16. Naughty Mary you mentioned the 'c' word! Now I feel all in a panic - someone get me a paper bag!