Thursday, November 10, 2011

When It Rains....It Pours.....

Just about a week and a half ago the youngest daughter was stranded at school....fuel pump went out......$800.00!
A few weeks before that the middle daughter had a repair {can't remember now what} that was $150.00 and I felt happy!
Now looks like the same daughter is going to need a new transmission....ugh....I don't even want to know the price tag on that....
Then this morning I threw some laundry in the dryer heat, no air, no tumble....nothing.  Ugh!

But on a happy note....
I am almost finished quilting Lark...

And I think I may just have enough of the red moon dot in my stash for the binding....I am sure the discretionary funds don't include fabric purchases now....for Pete's Sake!!!

And I will leave you with one other lovely shot....this is Jenny and her sweet Coin Quilt!  Jenny is one of my most favorite people ever!!!  I love her use of color....what a great quilt :)

I truly hope your day is free from stress {and car repairs} is almost the weekend after all!
Happy Thursday!


  1. I agree - stay stress free and car problem free and look forward to POETS day! Yeah! Lovely quilt from Jenny and your quilting makes me want to fly over and see the whole thing!

  2. Hey maybe me and Nicky should fly over together!!

    Why do these things come in 3s?

    Our dishwahser has just been replaced and the washing machine is thundering,
    just wondering what will be next??


  3. Oh dear, Funny how these things come in waves.I hope all the problems are fixed asap. Gosh your lark quilt is so beautiful! Jenny's quilt is great, I love the little birds I can see peeking out from it.

  4. I can relate- we had a new fridge AND the car service happen on the same day! The 3rd bill is probably still lurking, waiting to be delivered with my candy corn!!! LOL! Great quilt from Jenny! I love jade green and with orange-yum! And of course your hand quilting is wonderful as always!

  5. I remember those days of expensive child car repairs. Ouch! Love the Lark a lot!

  6. Imagine how much fabric that could buy. No -- don't even think about it. :) Eeek! I hate expensive repairs. I need to go get my windshield fixed, but at least it isn't the transmission.

  7. A shame that car repair money couldn't be spent on building your stash - much better use for it, I am sure! These things always comes in threes - we have had similar problems with children's cars this year! It is a real pain!

    Hope that all is well now, though,

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  8. Ugh, I feel your pain. We took the cars in for maintenance since J starts his new job Monday...and his car needs a new water pump at $900. All we wanted was an oil change and wheel alignment!

  9. I do have to say that cars are a liability. Good luck with all the wear and tear issues and enjoy your beautiful Lark quilt. Jenny's quilt is lovely!

  10. Lets hope that's all the big expenses for a long time. My car repairs are almost free thank goodness, I sleep with my mechanic, lol. He is my Dh in case that shocks anyone.
    Loving the lark on the home stretch and make sure to tell Jenny her use of colours is fabulous.

  11. ouch, is it an automatic transmission? If so, you might be able to extend it's life by replacing the fluid and adding a can of transmission additive - it helps with slipping belts (rough shifts, slipping gears). But, if it just doesn't go into gear (like reverse), then it is time for a rebuild. I'm so glad hubby and I can do a lot of our own mechanical work - but rebuilding a transmission is where we'd have to take it to the pro's too. We've done just about everything else though! $800 for a fuel pump is highway robbery! :P

  12. Haha oh Mary! My car died on me in a parking lot today! I replaced my fuel pump just a few months ago ($700) so I wonder what is wrong now! Needless to say, I didn't get over to Red Rooster concerning my walking foot :(
    Also : YOU are one of MY favorite people ever!!

  13. Ughh! I hate cars. I've always said if I win the lottery the first thing I'm going to do is buy all three of my boys new cars. I dread those "my car broke down" calls.

  14. Things always break here as Christmas approaches.
    Jenny's quilt is gorgeous.

  15. Such a drag when life gets in the way of future fabric shopping!!!

  16. that stinks about the cars... our son went out to start his car yesterday and... just ticking... my husband used my mini to jump start it and then came in and said that my car's engine wasn't smelling good... WHAT does that mean? i don't like the sounds of it though :-) good you can keep your focus and still quilt amazingly in the midst of the distress. love jenny's quilt, too!

  17. Oh so sorry! Here's to hoping that your weekend and next week are much better (and cheaper!)

  18. Oh I hate care problems. But I love the coin quilt.

  19. What happened to your daughter’s car? Does it always need to be repaired? She should have her car checked so that she’ll know what else needs to be repaired or replaced. Isn’t it better to have a one-time car repair than to have her car brought to the car repair shop every week? I just hope that all the repairs are done by now.

    -Stelle Courney

  20. A one-time overall car repair is more convenient and cheaper than a weekly car repair. Aside from the fact that everything will be repaired immediately instead of one by one, you can also be assured that after a week or two, when you get your car back, that it’s already in good condition. Anyway, I hope your car repairs are all done by now.

    -Andre Brennan

  21. So, what was wrong with your daughter’s car? I think a one-time major repair is needed to put an end to weekly trip to repair shop. Isn’t a one-time overall repair very convenient?

    -Michelina Douglass