Sunday, April 8, 2012


I have snapped a fe pics of patterns and colors from my mom's house....

a beautiful rug from my great Aunt....the rug is well over 100 yrs. old.

corner of a quilt made by me {probably 20 yrs ago} for my mom and dad....hand quilted......

her pretty green glasses in a mid-century modern cupboard hanging in the kitchen.....

cup and saucer, reminds me of a cable stitched sweater.....

glass block windows in her living room....I didn't think I would like these, but I have grown very fond of them.....

a quilt from my sister's bed.....

a dresser pull from the dresser in my room....

stacked tea cans..... 

my latest Rose and Star Block....complete with a coffee stain {oops}....
Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Mary. :o)
    You are in my constant prayers.

  2. Happy Easter, Mary. thanks for the nice post.

  3. Cute RS - hope the coffee stain comes out!

  4. Your Mom has great taste!!
    Happy Easter, again xx

  5. Wonderful patterns, and colours and beautiful things that add up to that special home feeling. Your photographs are stunning!!

  6. Thanks again for sharing a little of your world Mary! We have had glass blocks in a couple of houses we lived in. I love the look of them! Happy Easter Mary, prayers and hugs S

  7. What lovely photos and some wonderful things you're mother has around her place. Glad to see you're able to geta a few relaxing stitches in.

  8. Happy Easter to you, Mary! Thanks for sharing these lovely images... the cup and saucer pattern really intrigues me....

  9. ha photographed beautiful memories....

  10. Lovely photos, I particularly like the tea tins and the RS block - hope the coffee comes out! Take care xxx

  11. Happy Easter, Mary! I love your pictures. They are taken with a quilter's eye - just look at all the patterns in the pictures. Have a wonderful day!

  12. What a wonderful post. Praying for you.

  13. Hi mary... Have been thinking of you a lot. Your family is in my prayers. Glad you have taken a few minutes to sew a little. Was in the shop today and thought about your smiling face. Very pretty rose and star block, as always.
    ps.. I loooove the wonky house quilt at the shop!