Monday, July 23, 2012

Sydney and Mom....

Sydney is a friend and fellow worker bee at Sew To Speak...
Syd and her sweet mom are taking a quilting class this summer before Sydney leaves for college this Fall **sniff, sniff**

I feel pretty confident in saying that, at the shoppe, we all feel like we are Sydney's mom.  In a good, loving way.  The way that makes you feel sad to think she will be leaving in a couple short months.  We will miss her terribly....although we know Sydney is destined for great things.  She is just that kind of girl!

So Sydney and Mom are making quilts.  One for the college dorm room and one for a new addition to their family - did I mention Sydney is an aunt?  And her mom now a grandma!

Here is the amazing quilt Sydney put together!

     I have to giggle when I think of a text I received from began Whoopsie Daisy!  She thought she had done something wrong!  Uh - hardly!!!  It is perfect!!!

The talent in this family runs deep....take a look at the fabulous quilt Loryn put together for her granddaughter!

Isn't it wonderful!  I love the Birch fabric in the solid areas and the shimmering coins...then there is that top and bottom border in that beautiful Bari J fabric!  It is YummY!!!!

Well, tonight I get to see the rest of the quilts this class has put together.  I can't wait! Even if I have been super duper busy the last couple of weeks, I can still enjoy hot-off-the-machine new quilts!!!
Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. They are both fabulous quilts! I love the effect of the blue sashing in the first one and that border fabric in the second complements the Birch so well! All thanks to a great teacher too!

  2. I am 19 and a quilter. It is always hard to find girls my age interested in quilting! It is wonderful to hear that Sydney is into sewing, too!

  3. that birch fabric is beautiful! what a wonderful thing to be able to teach quilting classes. someday... ;)

  4. These quilts are great, and what lovely sentiment behind them! Ada :)

  5. Great quilts! I especially like the colors Sydney chose.

  6. Aww Mary, you are just the sweetest! My mom and I never would have been able to make these without your amazing instruction, extremely kind heart, and patience. We love you!!! :) <3 Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! And Sew to Speak does feel like my second home! I am going to miss you all SO MUCH, but hey, I'm here until September 14th! We still have time!

  7. Sydney's quilt is lovely, bright and cheerful!

  8. Looks like you have sent the sun after all! Poor pup is hot and bothered!

    And those two quilts are fairly sizzling!

  9. Both tops look fabulous, I love the colours in both.

  10. Both tops are beautiful! I love the green and turqoise in Sydney's quilt. Do you know what fabric the green is? I have a big black and white checkered one going to my son's dorm room bed!