Monday, July 30, 2012

Where in the World is Molly Flanders????

I wish I could say I have been on a wonderful vacation {some place cool}...
but, alas, I have not.
Just busy with silly stuff...nothing too much fun.

I have been trying to stay cool - thank goodness for central air! 
 chugging away on the wedding quilt....

it has been fun to work on this and some embroidery while watching the olympics in the evening :)  I think I am in good sounds like many of you are doing the same!  How fun!

And I had a notion to play with some triangles again.  Using the easy technique for piecing these arrows, I used all patterned fabric {no white or solid triangles}

and then what if we changed the arrangement of these arrows...

just playin'

In my class there has been some amazing playing going on...
like this solid coin quilt from Becky!

and the back is going to be equally as wonderful!

hopefully, I will be able to get to some real stitching this week....
I think I may have hit the mid summer doldrums....I need some motivation.  
Happy Monday!
hope you are jazzed and working on something exciting!


  1. Always jazzed after reading your posts - love the wedding quilt and your play with arrows !

    You sent us some heat Mary but have taken it away again!

  2. your applique and those triangles look totally divine. LOVE, love, love!!!

  3. I'm happy to see you having a play with those triangles! They make me smile! And Becky's quilt is very pretty- I love the back too! Stay cool!

  4. Love your wonderful triangles!! Your class shots are always great!! I love the colours of Becky's quilt!

  5. The triangles are gorgeous, I love them side by side! Like they're pointing up and down.
    I also love that you said 'jazzed' :)

  6. The wedding quilt will be lovely ...and those triangles are so much fun!

  7. Your "playing" is always so pretty. :0)
    We have been enjoying the Olympics as well.
    It sure beats being outdoors. I am longing
    for fall and winter something fierce! :0)

  8. can't wait to see the wedding quilt in all its glory! :-) and... can't wait for the quilt class.
    i just got to watch a little of the olympics last night! i can only imagine the feelings they have when they stand and hear their national anthem played! i would be a crying fool! haha!

  9. How fun to see all those triangles--you are always so inspiring!

  10. It's hard in the heat. I love the peek of the wedding quilt and the triangles look gret. Beky did a great job.

  11. love that green and blue back.....doldrums, in those too...will try and get out of them today!

  12. Will have to learn some 2 teen boys want to do some embellishments on their (muzzleloading) shooting bags! Love the triangle play, always! :)

  13. I like your arrows, very pretty! And the solid color quilt is inspiring me.
    I'm in need some motivation too, I think I've got the end of summer blahs! I've been keeping cool and working on a small knitting project while watching the Olympics.
    Hope you are staying cool and I can't wait to see the wedding quilt!