Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello, Hello!

You say, "Goodbye", and I say "Hello"....

Hello 2014!

 I am so eager to see what the new year will bring!
Our family had a pretty awesome 2013....
the wedding was our 'big event'

so many wonderful memories of that day.
But now we are on to a whole new will certainly include  friends...

and family....

and, of course, plenty of sewing...
I am determined to finish a few projects that have been very can hold me to it!

But having projects to complete will not stop me from starting something new...


 Swedish Bloom from Patchwork, Please!

And learning to cross stitch....I find it very tedious, although I love the end result

so what are your big plans for 2014?  
  Happy New Year!


  1. Such pretty pictures! Your bloom looks fabulous and cross stitch gets easier I think, I totally zone out when I'm doing it now and it's so relaxing. Happy 2014 Mary!

  2. Happy New Year Mary! So glad to see cross stitching projects again...that was my first crafty project ever and I loved it.

  3. Can I hold you to finishing your Chubby Star? I would love to see that again! And I love cross stitch- I find it relaxing! LOL!

  4. your block is gorgeous. I think I might give this pattern a try soon. Yours looks way too tempting. I also find cross stitch very, very tedious.

  5. Happy New Year Mary. Here is a post on my stash bustin goals.

  6. Happy New Year, Mary. Your blooms are so pretty and intriguing. Welcome to the "Finish those UFO's Club!"!

  7. Can't stand cross stitch or needle point. Try embroidery! It's so much more engaging. One stitch can change everything... plus often what looks lame drawn looks awesome stitched.

  8. I want to tackle my huge pile of UFO's. looking forward to following along for another year Mary

  9. Fun to see you are doing cross-stitch. I have a Santa that I stitched while at a child's beside in the hospital one December, and I love getting it out every year and hanging it on the wall. Cross-stitch never grows old!

    Your listing sounds great--lots of fun memories from 2013.


  10. Wishing you a wonderful 2014!!

  11. I'll look forward to all your wonderful projects, I think I have to focus on getting on with some sleeping beauties cause I won't live forever, lol. Love the flower block but you can keep the cross stitch, I love the effect too but I get bored with it.

  12. Your hexie please!
    Learning to cross stitch on linen is tricky, but yes I LOVE the outcome xx

  13. ps. liking the bit about friends...though the pebble looks like a potato!

  14. Happy 2014! No big plans....just more colour and if I can finish my quilt, I'd be most happy! :) x

  15. Happy New Year Mary! Look forward to 2014. Love your plans of finishing some projects AND starting some new. Sounds good to me
    ; ))
    Thank you for all the inspiration provided in 2013.

  16. Oooh, so fun to see you doing some cross stitch! I love it. I was at a stitching class when a woman brought in a beautiful quilt that she'd done by hand, and I found out about the beginner quilting classes at the LQS around the corner. Enjoy!

    Your block is so pretty! 2014 is my Year of Living Deliberately. Capitals required. ;) While I was creatively engaged in 2013 & 2012, I felt as if I bumbled my way through things. I'm hoping to follow through on a lot more things & not get so easily distracted.

    Happy new year!

  17. Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your creativity in 2013. I also have a Swedish Bloom to complete AND I would love to find those kites that you used!
    My big bug-a-boo is to find a pattern to honor the Downton Abbey I received for Christmas ...all suggestions gratefully accepted!

  18. OOHhh I love your wonderful flower!!

  19. Oops I got a bit excited and forgot to wish you a very Happy New Year!! I just know you'll be making lots of fabulous things whether it be new projects or finishing off old ones.

  20. Happy New Year!

    Cross stitching is a lot less tedious if you take it out of the hoop and use a rocking stitch, like you use in hand quilting. Push the needle down in one corner of the cross, and then up in the other before you pull the thread through. Work all the way across the row in the pattern, making only one leg of each cross as you go. Then go back across that row finishing off each cross. The stitches will lie a lot flatter and it'll go faster! Good luck!

  21. Happy New Year!! LOVE the look of the 'Swedish Bloom'. Bethxx

  22. Just catching up on blogs and want to say I love your Swedish flower! PS Happy new year, may it be healthy and happy and productive for all of us.