Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nap Day....

In years past, I have had a heck of a time sleeping...just awful insomnia....

But it has gotten much better and I found Melatonin which really helps.

Still sometimes....I have one of those nights....
So today I am sleepy, sleepy

The perfect day for a little nap and a little hand stitching

I made a fresh cup of coffee and pulled out the EPP that has been languishing my bag of tricks!

these are all Liberty fabrics...some I purchased and some given to me by friends ;)

One day they will be joined into a lovely quilt top.  But it is the perfect quiet stitching for days like this.

Remember that bulls-eye block?
I have also been adding blocks to this collection.  I have decided to mix up the background pieces to give it a more scrappy look.

A haphazard, scrappy look appeals to me.  But I must say this is not the most simple block to piece...

to be more accurate, the finished size has given me problems.  I thought perhaps it was just the Essex linen, but that doesn't seem to be it.  I think it is all the curvy parts....lots of room for tiny errors.  

I do still love this block ;)

The days are getting warmer and the snow is melting!  I can't wait to get out and walk.  I am sure that will help the insomnia.  
I would love to hear if you have any remedies for those sleepless nights!  
happy thursday!


  1. Love your projects! The fabric you use is always so inspirational. I get on Pinterest and pin quilts forever before I go to bed if I think I'll have trouble sleeping. Very relaxing.:)

  2. Mary, I don't know what it is, but I had a dreadful time sleeping last night, too! I tried leafing through my Denyse Schmidt books before bed, and that accomplished the opposite of what I would have hoped. Maybe there was just insomnia in the air in our area last night?

  3. Such gorgeous blocks, as usual Mary! Your work is so inspiring! I wonder about the cups of coffee- could that be keeping you awake? I know I can't drink any coffee after about midday, or I'm wide awake at 3am! (At least if that happens I know you are getting on with your beautiful stitching on the opposite of the world!)

  4. Your choice in fabrics and color so inspire me!
    I too struggle to sleep. I can get to sleep but not stay asleep. When I wake up, I will take a Benadryl and read for half an hour. That usually works for me AND I have fun dreams. I too do much better if I can walk each day.

  5. I love the bulls eye blocks. There is nothing like a little gentle hand stitching when tired. I use my hexagons as light therapy when I just need to sit and relax.

  6. The hexagons and the curved blocks are absolutely lovely. I've been saving Liberty prints for an EPP project too, but I haven't started sewing sew.
    I get rare mystery insomnia nights too. Sadly, I haven't a clue how to stop them. They began a few years ago when work was very stressful. The stress has gone, and they have improved dramatically but not disappeared.

  7. You have some really fun fabrics for those hexies.

  8. I have found that Melatonin is great for putting me to sleep but it doesn't keep me asleep. Beautiful blocks. Love the bullseye and of course the hexies

  9. I have to read before I can fall asleep and sometimes get up and read in my studio for awhile. I don't dare do anything related to quilting or it keeps me awake. I go through a lot of books and usually don't remember them very well, but if they put me to sleep it's worth it. A benadryl helps too.

  10. I'm a terrible sleeper and always have been, it doesn't help when there's quilts to think about but then it can be so nice to sit it the quiet hours when everyone is still sleeping. Your hexis are lovely, and those bulls eye blocks are fabulous!!

  11. 2 very nice projects you have on the go here. Like you sleep can be a problem, no worrries about going to sleep but wake up so many times in the night, after 4am I know it is unlikely I will get back so get up then but hope not to wake till about 6 am and the other day a miracle it was 6.30!

  12. Your blocks are so great, I especially love the bulls eye ones.

  13. My daughter got me hooked on (free use) of Candy Crush but I have stopped playing that on my phone now, since not only could I not sleep but when I closed my eyes, candy was being spliced and shifted up and down in my minds eye without my consciously moving them about in my head! lol
    Far bloody worse than counting leaping sheep!!
    I always read a chapter or two of a thriller before bed and normally by the second chapter my eyes are closing and I can snuggle down.
    But thats not even fool proof, if its one of those thrillers where I simply cant put the book down ~ Ive frequently been still reading at 3am and of course suffer for it even more, next day!
    Great WIP there though, least you can put your hand to one of them I guess!

  14. hi mary!
    you are very talented, have a very good taste, and your work is beautiful!! i'm also a hexagon addicted. as a matter of fact i love piecing! inspired by your swedish bloom project i purchaised ayumi's book and i can't wait to start meine! and now this "bull's eyes" is catching my eyes!!!
    these sleepless nights are a terror for some girls up a certain age ( we do not want to talk about age...)
    i try some tips from friends:
    don't check the time ( never keep track of how long you're lying there trying to sleep)
    rescue night from bach flower
    i play solitaire...never pinterest, i get carried away!
    and the tuffest ever: no wine in the evening! ��
    wish you sweet dreams!

  15. So I have you to blame for last nights insomnia? I normally toss and turn in bed not wanting to get up...but then I get up and watch the trashiest tv I can find!
    Did you spill coffee on that first hex flower?
    ps. you know I love tiny errors xx

  16. A warm bath with Epsom salts just before bed always helps me sleep soundly!
    I had a similar problem with my Steampunk blocks - they had very different finished sizes, I've never been much of a perfectionist though :)

  17. Lavender water spritzed on my pillowcase usually helps me fall asleep more quickly. One night I had trouble getting to sleep and in the morning remembered I'd forgotten the lavender water. I hope it will work for you. I purchased some many years ago at Bath and Body Works. Not sure if they still sell it or not. They bottled it as a linen refresher.

  18. I just love your projects lately! I can't wait for warmer days to start walking again too. Walking always helps me sleep better!

  19. Yep! Melatonin is my friend as well, Mary!! I also try to not drink caffeine drinks after 7 p.m. You have the prettiest fabrics!

  20. I'm afraid I'm an insomniac too...I do sleep better if the bedroom is cool so window is open, although Mr Bea did shut it during howling gales the other night! Beautiful makes :) x

  21. Ooh I get indigestion sometimes which stops me sleeping! I sympathise with you but have no cure sadly. Maybe the more active day life will help when you can get out walking...I hope so Mary!

  22. I love the bulls-eye blocks and the fabrics and colors you are using for them. Beautiful! I think walking will definitely help with the insomnia. Also doing something quiet and relaxing to wind down before bed time so I've heard. (i.e., turn off the TV) Maybe working on those lovely hexies or other hand stitching if you don't already do that before bedtime will help?

  23. The fabric in those hexies is beautiful--so delicate! As for sleeping, listening to a bad book on tape works for me some times. Otherwise, I just stay up and work--and hope for sleep the next night. It would be cool if we could find some way to contact all the people who are up at the same time we are and have a little party . . . jammies and yawning and all. Lol.

  24. First, I love your hexie flowers. Thanks for reminding me it's time to get back to mine.
    Second, I feel your pain with the sleep issue. I have also used Benadryl, and have found some over the counter night time cold meds help me sleep (non-alcohol based). I hope it gets better for you soon. I think there are lots of us in the same boat.

  25. Is the Bulls eye pattern available?